Blind Man Claims People Steal His Belongings and Money

Gillian Sisley

His experiences sound both horrible and terrifying.

A Reddit post has gone viral after a man who lost his eyesight at work posted a disturbing account of what he's experienced being visually impaired out in the world.

The man lost his eyesight in a work accident where a co-worker turned a torch on into his eyes, and burned the man's eyes out.

In a viral post published on November 15th, which is already garnered 11,000 upvotes and 800 comments, the man states how people have stolen money from him, and scammed him on multiple occasions.

Human beings, in general, are terrible.

His experiences since becoming visually impaired have been pretty terrible, and he's gone to Reddit with the use of a typing assistance app to open people's eyes to the messed-up things he has to deal with.

He says:

"Being blind has taught me that honestly, [all of you aren't good]. People are only good when the other person has something to leverage an attack by you. You don't pick on Dwayne Johnson types, nah, you got to steal my [stuff]."

He went on to say that he's not fully used to being blind, and when he asks people for help there's no response. When he accidentally bumps into things, people just laugh at him.

He adds:

"Stop putting your hand in my face to test if I'm really blind, I can smell your finger when it went through the toilet paper."

Trusting strangers who can't always be trusted.

The man went into detail about how he has to rely on complete strangers and other people when he is confused or uncomfortable in public.

"American money-- I depend on people telling me how much I have because this money can't tell me how much it is. You know how much I get scammed? Do you even know the rage?"

The poster even said that a man once threw his walking stick away from him, and then screamed in his face.

"That traumatized me. I can't see him and I don't know if he's going to hit me."

Despite the terrible things this man has experienced, internet users flooded the comment section with support, sympathy, and empathy for him and the struggles he was facing.

He finished his post with a humorous and witty sign-off of:

"I attack my problems with extreme positivity and then people come in with their violins. Hey, if anything I'm sorry for the taxpayers who have to work for me while I stay home listening to the tv."

Have you witnessed those with disabilities being harassed and poorly treated out in the world? If you have, what did you do? Did you step in, or did you walk by and pretend you didn't notice?

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