Woman Refuses to Host Thanksgiving for 20+ Family Members of Fiancé

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Would you host dinner for dozens of people every year, without ever receiving a 'thank you' for your hard work?

A Reddit post from November 17th has gone viral after a woman refuses to host Thanksgiving for her fiance's extended family.

The woman, who goes by username FinalBlackberry, explains that she has single-handedly cooked Thanksgiving dinner for her partner's family for the past 4 years.

With over 18,000 upvotes and more than 1,700 comments, the internet is backing this woman's decision to go on strike and not cook Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Taking the hard work of others for granted.

The anonymous woman goes on to explain that cooking dinner for over 20 people takes a lot of logistics. She states how she spends days preparing the meal, and by the time dinner actually arrives, she's too exhausted to fully enjoy the food and eat it.

To add extra salt to the wound, the woman claims that she has never been thanked for her efforts, and that her fiance's family has the nerve to take home all of the leftovers.

That extra tidbit of information was truly shocking. This means that she pays for all the food, the family enjoys the food, takes all the leftovers with them, and even the following day, she and her fiance have nothing left to enjoy from her hard work.

Refusing to cook is causing major rifts.

The woman explains how she approached her fiance and communicated her decision, and it did not go well.

"This year I told my partner that I have no intention of cooking. If he wanted to host, he can cater. His reaction was 'but that's our tradition', 'can't you at least make some box stuffing or something' and 'everyone is planning on coming'."

The woman stood her ground and put her foot down. She was not going to budge on this decision. She went on to say:

"He has not spoken to me since. Am I in the wrong for not wanting to entertain 20 plus people twice a year, every year?"

When obligations seemed to fall on only one person.

Internet users are fully supporting this woman and her decision to pull the plug on hosting this year. They point out that family gatherings should share the load, and it should not be put on one single person to prepare all the food for everyone else.

Many suggested how important it is to have a potluck-style dinner for holidays, where each household brings a dish or two of their own to contribute so that things stay fair and equal.

Thanksgiving dinners are a particularly hot topic right now with the supply chain of products being fractured due to the pandemic. Dinners are going to cost more than ever before, putting a real financial burden on those who prepare it.

What do you think? Was the woman in the wrong for choosing to not host again this year? Or should the fiance have stepped up more to support his partner?

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