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Duck Ran the New York City Marathon in Bright Red Sneakers

Gillian Sisley

Her running shoes were specially designed for the event.

The 2021 New York City Marathon was the 50th year of this important event. The marathon was held in New York City on November 7th, 2021. The number of competitors was only limited to 33,000 due to the COVID restrictions.

Being that this was the 50th annual event, it was a pretty big deal. Many showed up to run, and even more patrons showed up to cheer on the runners in the marathon.

But of all the runners, one particular and unique participant absolutely stole the show.

You’ve already guessed it from the title — it was a duck. A literal duck ran the New York City marathon, and it was just as glorious as it sounds.

From Instagram to the mean streets of NYC.

Known on social media by the wonderful pun @seducktiv, Wrinkle is a white, fluffy bundle of feathers. She’s a quirky little creature living her best duck life, and making people smile along the way.

Patrons cheering on runners during the marathon were visibly delighted beyond measure as they watched this bumbling ball of feathers making her way with the crowd.

This fantastic duck was hustling her way along, giving the rest of the participants a real run for their money.

Spreading joy in perfectly tailored sneakers.

And as if a duck running the New York City Marathon wasn’t perfect enough, the excellence factor of this story just increases by the fact that Wrinkle was sporting custom-made running shoes for the event.

You have to credit her owners for going that extra mile. Concrete can be rough on anybody’s feet, including the flippers of a dainty little duck.

These custom sneakers were bright red, fit like a glove, and just made the flippity flop sounds of each of Wrinkle’s footsteps even better for the ears.

Quacking her way to victory.

While Wrinkle didn’t win first place in the New York City marathon —  which is pretty well given as she’s an honest-to-God duck —  she certainly won everyone’s hearts along the way. From runners to watchers to cheers, everyone was enamored with this fantastic display of cuteness and dedication!

There’s just something about this little gal waddling along and quacking in a marathon that will make even the most stone-cold-hearted person smile.

How can you not smile watching this video? Seeing that little duck face and those little duck feet and those little duck running shoes — there are just no words beyond this being utter perfection! And frankly, the smile that everyone at the marathon needed after 20/20 was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Well played, little duck, well played.

Watch the full video HERE.

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