Dogs Struggle to Eat Whipped Cream from Can

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This viral TikTok has amassed over 45 million views this week.

The darlings of the internet, dogs, strike again! And today, they’re plastering a big ol’ smile on the faces of millions of people around the world.

Dogs are notorious for being big, lovable goofballs. There’s a very valid reason why an entire corner of the internet is dedicated to their endless shenanigans of antics.

In a recent TikTok that’s gone ultra-viral, two American Bulldogs are delighting the internet in spades with their adorably clumsy nonsense. Owner twowillowsmarkellc posted the now-viral video, at 45 million views, of her two American Bully dogs, Ammo and Nala, trying (and failing) to eat whipped cream from a can.

A simple concept? Yes. But there’s nothing simple about the amount of joy and humor to come from this video.

Doggos do the darndest things.

Nala and Ammo, like many pooches, love the sweet dairy treat that is whipped cream. They think it’s a magical invention — however, though magical, whipped cream can also be very mysterious.

The popularity of this video comes directly from these two American Bulldogs trying desperately to catch falling cream, and simply just not following through with the catch.

In a series of hilarious incidents, these chunky monkeys try to catch that gooey goodness as it rains down on them, but often end up making major miscalculations. These missteps mean missing catching the cream each and every time, to their great dismay.

If you don’t succeed, try and try again.

No matter how many fails, stumbles or misses, these dogs aren’t giving up. They will never be so discouraged that they won’t give catching that delicious treat another chance.

One would think that with practice, these two adorable little chunksters would improve their skills and become better at catching the creamy dessert.

But it appears that, unfortunately, they’re just too dang excited each time by the treat that they make the wrong call as to which direction to go, and how to catch it.

More often than not, a miscalculation results in the cream landing on their snouts, just short of their mouths, leaving the yummy snack just barely out of reach.

Whipped cream, but make it ‘Matrix’.

One of the best-known scenes from the movie, “The Matrix”, is when time slows as a character leans back to dodge an on-coming bullet. This popular editing effect can be a powerful one— and it’s one of the major reasons why this whipped cream puppy video has gone so viral.

The hilarity of this incident, from the near misses to the major mishaps, is only amplified by the dog owner slowing down the video to really punch the humor home.

From their bulging eyes, to the realization that they’ve missed, to the surprise of getting cream up the nose or in an eye (yet again), there’s no denying that the slow-motion effect of this video has added that extra bit of comedy.

Plus, that background music just enhances the clownish and derpy feeling that propelled this video to an astounding 45 million views!

Watch the full TikTok video HERE.

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