Hundreds of Dogs in Halloween Costumes Showed Up to the Washington Square Parade

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Here are some of the best ones that are guaranteed to make you smile.

On October 31st, 2021, Washington Square held its annual Halloween parade. Even better, patrons not only of the human variety attended, but also their fury friends. The dog Halloween costumes at this events are always a huge hit, and this year the dressed-up pups didn't disappoint!

Let's be honest -- seeing all of these truly fantastic pups in their equally amusing spooky season get-ups is the smile we need right now. Washington Square's annual parade was the perfect opportunity for the internet to get their happy dog fix.

With so much cuteness and fun to look forward to, let's jump right into these genius masterpieces!

Sparkle and Sunshine Rainbow Dog

The biggest purpose behind Halloween dog costumes is quite simple -- they exist to spread joy and make people laugh (which, let's be honest, we all need a little more of right now). That's exactly why we're starting this piece with a wonderfully delightful big ol' dog modelling a glittery rainbow of happiness. This put smiles on the faces of everyone in attendance.

The fact that this guy is such a huge dog takes makes this dainty and delicate costume all the better!

Vroom Vroom Racecar Dog

Out of the way people, a born-to-race doggo is coming through! There's just something endlessly amusing about imagining dogs in high-stakes, human situations with wild speeds and real dangers.

Can you imagine if all of the Fast & Furious movies were remade, but instead of using the regular human cast, they used dogs? I don't know about you, but I would watch that in a heartbeat! It's the perfect combination between entertainment, smiles, and action.

Who could say no to such a combo? Answer? No one.

Darth Vader and Yoda (but make it French Bulldog)

Star Wars is a reference that just about anyone can recognize, or at least appreciate, and that's what makes it so perfect for costumes. Better yet, put two sworn enemies from the series right beside each other, only as dopey-face French bulldogs, and you've got a genius outfit from the get-go.

The joys of ordinary costumes are so much more enhanced when they're put on silly little derps with their tongues sticking out. There's a reason dogs in funny outfits are one of the favorite types of content on the internet.

You just can't look at this picture and not smile at it! Especially not with that tongue hanging out!

Le Fancy Frenchman

No one can be mad about a classic, well-executed costume that can withstand the tests of time. This truly proper gentleman is divine in his little scarf and beret. Who doesn't love seeing a dog in an adorable beret on a dog's head, kept in place with a string? It's adorable to the bone (pun intended).

Since this sort of costume will always age well, this one is highlighted for just being an always enjoyable vintage outfit.

Squid Games Dog

This genius dog pulled its inspiration from a Netflix pop culture phenomenon, and for that trendiness factor, it makes this costume hilariously on-point.

From the hoodie, to the mask, to the little dog face visible through the mesh, this outfit is spot-on for current pop culture trends, and thus a witty and easily readable reference. Those costumes tend to be the most on-the-nose, delighting anyone who sees them!

A Bucket of Kentucky Floofer Chicken

This is by far one of my favorites. What's better than a pup in a bucket, posing as one of our favorite cheat-day meals? The size of the bucket versus dog ratio is sheer perfection, and this fluffy guy is clearly delighted to be modelling for this fantastic shot.

This gives a whole new meaning to calling little dogs "chicken nuggets". Perhaps the better phrase, in this case, would be "crispy drumstick"? Regardless, this is a massive win in my eyes. 11/10 good boy points!

And last but not least...

Circus Lion Pups

What's better than three doggos dressed up like circus lions? Not much, to be honest. These little dudes were living the life of luxury at the Washington costume parade. For one, they were made to look far more ferocious than they actually are, which would have pleased them greatly (small dog syndrome is a thing, trust me, I fostered a Shih Tzu). I'm sure they felt very large and in charge here.

Secondly, they were being wheeled around the entire parade like kings! What better way is there to enjoy this sort of event? The circus cage just brings the entire costume together into something genius that reads well and tells a fantastic story.

To all of the pups who participated in the Washing Square Annual Parade, the entire internet thanks you!

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