Huge Spider Crawls Out of Man's Mouth Just in Time for Halloween

Gillian Sisley

If you have arachnophobia, you may want to click away.

In the spirit of spooky season, the internet is blowing up with creepy crawlers all over social media. Some people can't wait for the Halloween season to finally be over; however, many more are still happy to pull the last few tricks and treats off of the web.

Fans of horror movies will love this video that's gone viral on Instagram -- while others with a weaker stomach may just want to pass on this one. So keep on scrolling... if you dare.

Zookeeper Jay Brewer went live on Instagram late last week, just before the weekend, to give his followers a rather freaky show. With over 10,000, this recent viral video, internet users went absolutely wild to see this crazy and unusual sight.

A creepy, crawly surprise.

The video started with the screen right on the zookeeper. At first, things don't seem too off.

But soon, the viewer will notice that something inside Brewer's mouth is...moving.

Not long after that something starts moving, and a few too many hairy legs start wiggling their way out of the zookeeper's gullet.

From there, viewers get a truly shocking surprise with an eight-legged arachnid makes a surprising appearance!

Black and brown striped, this creepy-crawly creature walks its way right out of Brewers' mouth and happily scurries its way down Brewers' hands. From there, viewers can see this eight-legged, hairy friend in all of its glory.

Super cool, or horrifying nightmare?

The internet is divided on how they feel about this viral video.

Some think that this is perfect for the Halloween season, and a captivating way to educate internet users about arachnids.

Others think this is entirely disgusting, and get the heebee-jeebees from this video, and hope that they never see something like this again!

While tarantulas get a pretty bad wrap for their not-so-cute appearance, but are in fact a very popular pet! And although they are technically venomous, they are actually considered to be quite docile as far as arachnids go.

This hairy guy might seem scary, but he was really just being a good sport for the video!

Watch the viral video HERE.

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