Baby Elephant Gives Thank-You Hug to Forest Ranger

Gillian Sisley

This adorable little calf delights the internet, and you need this spark of joy in your day!

With all of the darkness in the world right now, we all need a little something to make us smile.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of adorable little creatures in the world to restore our faith in the world and humanity.

A now-viral photo online shows the sort of love to make your heart swell, and here’s why it happened.

There’s no better thank you than a hug.

In New Delhi, a forest ranger named Officer Kaswan was pictured having an elephant calf hug his leg in a beautiful expression of gratitude. Kaswan and his team had recently reunited the calf with its mother, after getting separated.

The baby elephant was so incredibly grateful to be reunited with its mummy that it gave the forest ranger responsible for its safe return a giant hug by wrapping its trunk around his leg!

The picture, posted on October 14th, was accompanied with the caption:

“Love has no language. A baby elephant hugging you Forest officer. The team rescued this guy from reunited with mother.”

The video of the incident says it all.

To accompany the viral photo, a video was shared a week prior which showed the little calf happily walking through the forest, escorted by the forest rangers, on the way back to its mother.

A statement from one of the forest rangers on Twitter said,

“Earlier, the calf was found alone and injured. Tamil Nadu forest team rescued, treated, and escorted the little one to join with the mother.”

I don’t know about you, but there is nothing more endearing to me than seeing human beings helping baby animals who are in need. The world is a very dark place, and we need to see these acts of these compassionate people to restore our faith in humanity.

And frankly, forest rangers that help a chunky little elephant calf hobble its way back to find its mummy is exactly what my heart needed to see today!

Hopefully, it offers you the same joy it offered me, and puts a big smile on your face.

Remember to choose kindness — we need more of it!

Watch the video HERE.

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