Good Boy Golden Retriever Sets New World Record

Gillian Sisley

This very good boy deserves all the treats!

There’s no denying that dogs are a human’s best friend. They are loyal, loving, and they never judge us for our most shameful habits, like eating junk food for dinner or passing vile gas in our sweatpants.

They’re just so incredibly happy when we’ve arrived home, and are the first ones to greet us at the door.

When the rest of the world turns their backs on us, our furry friends do not! They are loyal until their last breath, and that is just one of the many reasons why dogs are so dang loveable.

Another thing that the world cannot dispute is that the internet loves dog content. Videos, pictures, you name it — if there’s a big ol’ floof in it, people will flock.

Which, frankly, is a wonderful thing, considering that our world can be so dark and bleak these days!

This talented pup gives us another big reason to smile.

Everyone needs a few good smiles just to keep themselves sane and healthy. The fantastic thing about dogs is that their goofy nature can turn a frown into a big grin in just a matter of seconds.

Meet Finny — your next big reason to smile today. 

Finley is a fluffy, happy senior golden retriever who is enjoying his retirement years doing the thing he loves most — collecting tennis balls, and fitting as many as he can in his mouth at one time. 

On Instagram, Finley is known as a public figure, and his beautiful account is run by his human owners. But now, he’s more than just a handsome Golden Retriever! 

It was announced on October 7th that Finley is now officially a Guinness World Records holder! His truly delightful talent of stuffing not 4, not 5, but 6 tennis balls in his mouth at one time. 

Yes, you read that correctly. 6!

This gorgeous puppers officially holds the record of “most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog”.

The secret to a long and happy life? Find something you truly love and do it every day.

Finley truly sets a fantastic example for us all — there is nothing he loves more than shoving tennis balls in his mouth, and gosh darnnit if he was going to do it he was going to be the best at it in the world!

Just like children, many dog owners think they have the smartest, cutest, and most talented dogs out there. But there’s one thing to be talented, and then there’s another to just be so dang entertaining that you capture the world with your heart.

That’s exactly what Finny has done here. No, he’s not the smartest, or most talented, and maybe not even the cutest dog out there, but he sure is an entertainer, and he’s a pretty impressive guy to be a Guinness World Record holder!

They say life’s too short to not be doing something you love — so let’s take a page out of Finley’s book and find something that brings us as much joy as shoving tennis balls in his mouth gives him!

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