Domestic Violence Increased by 50% During the Pandemic

Gillian Sisley

This has been a trend happening all over the world, and it needs to be paid attention to.
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I am a sexual assault survivor, and a survivor of an abusive relationship. My abuser was the one who sexually assaulted me.

I didn’t press charges against him.

We have seen a lot of difficulties come from the pandemic, and one of the more frightening statistics has included at least a 50% rise in domestic violence around the world.

The truth of the matter is, if you haven’t been violated in this way, you have no clue what it’s like living with this reality.

Because it’s so much more complicated than it seems.

Domestic assault survivors, particularly women, risk a hell of a lot when they step forward to accuse someone of abusing them.

And as brutal as the process is for women in North America to sit in the courtroom and accuse someone of abuse, our sisters in India are facing much more life-threatening and dangerous realities when stepping forward.

Violence against women in India is at an all-time high from COVID-19.

Since the pandemic began, India has seen rises in domestic violence, marital sexual assault, and overall sexual assault. It's a crisis that's gotten global awareness.

The stories are countless, but here is one that is extremely disturbing, and deserves more attention.

Last year, a 23-year old woman in India was on her way to a court hearing, where she would accuse two men of gang-assaulting and traumatizing her. The attack took place in March.

But she didn’t make it to the court hearing.

Because before she could arrive, she was jumped, dragged to a nearby field, and set on fire by five men.

She survived the attack, but was in critical condition. She identified two of the men who set her on fire as the very men who had sexuall assaulted her, and who she was on her way to accuse in court.

She would later pass away after being in critical condition, with severe burns all over her body.

Hearts around the world broke from this absolute injustice and tragedy.

There is no easy way out of domestic or sexual violence

This is the decision that every survivor of abuse must face.

We have to decide if the justice of having our attacker publicly recognized as being accused is worth the significant retraumatization, humiliation, and degradation of who we are as human beings.

Because when we are on that stand after reporting our abuser, every partner we have had, every act we have consensually committed, and even the appearance of our lacy underwear in our drawer at home can be used as evidence against us to shame us, question our credibility, and essentially insinuate that we deserve what happened to us.

Survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and abuse owe you nothing. A survivor’s sole job is to do whatever they need to further achieve their own healing, sense of peace and ability to move on with their life in the healthiest way possible.

Until there is a massive systemic change and reporting domestic violence and abuse becomes safer for survivors, we will continue to be oppressed into silence.

Final word.

This is why we tell her story.

This is why we’re not going to be silent anytime soon.

Because our voices are strong, and loud, and our stories make a difference.

There are so many of us that it is truly heartbreaking. But there is strength in our numbers.

And we will keep fighting in the best ways we can, while also protecting ourselves and our healing process, to ensure that our daughters and sisters and friends do not face the same fate that we did.

1/4 women will be the victims of severe physical violence at the hand of an intimate partner.

1 out of 5 women will be raped in their lifetime.

This has to stop. We have to do better as a society.

Because our literal lives depend on it.

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