Why You Should Actively Take Yourself on Dates This Summer

Gillian Sisley

I’m even going to do so on workdays and school nights!

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When I first started my business, I romanticized the possibility of just looking out the window and thinking,

“Ah, what a wonderful day! I've finished the work I need to get done for now, so I’m just going to blow off the rest of the day and go to the beach!”

Three years into my business, and I’m sure that it surprises NO ONE, but I things didn’t turn out that way.

I think I’ve had one day like that in the years since starting my business… and I’m ready to get out of the house.

As I stand here at my desk, looking at the window at the beautiful day outside, I feel regretful for not taking advantage of it.

So, I’m finished leaving things to chance. I need to actively coordinate dates with myself this summer… and here’s how and why I’m going to do it.

I need to pre-plan.

I’m not the type of business owner who gets done what needs to get done, and then successfully turns off at the end of the day.

I am not likely to do more than necessary, or finish a project way ahead of the deadline, simply because I value freedom and flexibility over all things.

It is very, incredibly unlikely, that I will ever be available to just “take off the rest of the day” to go and do some sort of recreational something.

If I want to get out for the afternoon and go to the beach, I’ve got to put that in my calendar and make a date of it, like I would a client meeting.

I miss my own company.

When I first bought my house, I was in heaven.

A good friend of mine was my roommate, and she was barely home.

My boyfriend would pop over a couple nights a week, but at least half of the time I would have the house to myself, and would enjoy my own company.

Then that boyfriend proposed, and moved in, and my life was no longer about being independent and unattached.

Now I share this space, and my free time, and visibility to my Google Calendar, with another person.

And especially as my partner is pursuing his accounting designation, I suddenly have a lot more on my plate these days with housework and responsibilities for us as a couple.

I need to prioritize “me-time”… and I need to do it when my partner is as work, so that I’m available to fulfill his emotional needs when he’s home and enjoying his own free time.

Paying attention to my self-care, and ensuring I’m well taken care of as an introvert, is within the best interest of my partner and myself, and our relationship as a couple.

Everyone will win when I take myself out for dates by myself.

I am a homebody, and take warm weather for granted.

I’ve been making the effort to have my morning tea or lunch outside on our back deck, in the sun, when it’s really lovely out.

I’ve been taking the dog for extra scenic evening walks in the neighbourhood just to make sure I get out more often.

I work from home, and I love being home. I am a homebody, and generally, if I wasn’t accountable to myself, I would never really walk out my front door all that often.

Every moment we have on this Earth is precious, every day a gift.

I’m done taking that fact for granted when I’ve built a career which can easily facilitate living my life to the fullest, as long as I’m putting the effort in to do so.

Final word.

And so, in an effort to reach better balance and really, intentionally pursue my own self-care, I am going to start taking myself out on frequent dates.

Once a week. Just me, myself, and I.

Since pursuing my writing career more seriously, I’m learning how important it is for me to get out and quietly observe the world around me.

One observation can inspire an article, one thought can set off a lightbulb.

I’m wasting my opportunities and the gift of being my own boss by simply staying at home and rarely ever leaving my house.

And it’s about time I get acquainted with the new, creatively driven Gillian I have become in recent months.

She has some things to say, I’m sure, and I want to finally take the active time to listen and give her my full attention.

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