Meghan Markle’s Victimization and Colorism Experienced Within the Royal Family is Seriously Disturbing

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No longer silenced, Markle is speaking her truth — and what she has to say was even shocking to Oprah.
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The highly awaited interview between Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and Oprah Winfrey had been the talk online for several weeks, leading to its release. It became even more poetic when it was released just before International Women’s Day.

Why does that particular fact matter?

Because Meghan Markle is once again here to prove that she is one hell of a woman, and she is exactly the type of woman that young girls need to look up to, and sexist and racist traditionalists need to pay attention to.

There were many shocking details to come from the interview with Oprah, but for this article, we’re going to touch on the ones that specifically tie back to just how racist and toxic the environment was within the Royal Family, and how Meghan was expected to live those years in silence and keep her mouth shut about it.

Safe to say Meghan is done being silenced. And that’s my kind of woman!

She’s here to speak her truth, and do so in a way that shuts down the misogynistic, sexist and racist rumours that have been perpetuated in the tabloids for years.

Now without further ado, let’s dig into the most disturbingly racist and classist nonsense that Meghan not only had to deal with while being part of Royal life, but also survived.

And I mean survived in the most literal sense possible.

When Meghan requested mental health support/services, she was denied because it would “make the Royal Family look bad".

It’s safe to say, and Meghan Markle backed this up, that no one really knows what they’re getting into when a commoner marries into a Royal Family whose history spans over thousands of years.

It’s an odd sort of life dedicated to service and tradition and appearing as a symbol of a Nation, for good or for bad.

It’s no secret that the Royal Family has been called out for problematic racist behaviour many times before. All you have to do is look at their entirely White family from every single angle and you can see that there’s a significant lack of diversity in culture, class and colour.

But a lot of that seemed to finally change when Meghan Markle, a biracial American working woman, was introduced into the family officially through her marriage to Prince Harry.

Unsurprisingly to anyone, however, that was not the end of racist debates in media coverage and tabloids.

From day one, Meghan Markle was chastised and villainized every step of the way of her entire lead up to marrying into the Royal Family. Mostly because she was a fierce, outspoken woman, and that didn’t fit the classist narrative.

In the interview with Oprah, Meghan detailed how the bashing and inflammatory lies presented by the media really took a toll on her well-being and mental health.

At one point, shortly after her marriage to Harry, Meghan details how she was in a truly dark place and went to a representative within the Royal Family to request mental health support and services.

That representative denied her access to said support as they said it would ‘look bad’ on the image of the Royal Family if anyone were to find out.

It was at that time that a desperate Meghan Markle then went to her only confidant, her husband, and admitted to him the truth of what was going on.

She was struggling so much that she had contemplated ending her own life. She felt so trapped and desperate that she had constant and terrifying thoughts of committing suicide.

It was at this point, when the public image of the Royal Family was put before the actual health and safety of one of its members, that Meghan and Harry realized they would ultimately have to leave their royal life of service if they were going to survive with their well-being and mental health intact.

If any of this is reminiscent to you of Princess Diana and the horrific conditions she was subjected to, then you are also seeing a very disturbing pattern within the Royal Family and what they truly prioritize at the end of the day.

Before the birth of her son, Archie, there were concerns among the Royal Family that his “skin colour might be too dark".

There was a lot about that interview with Oprah that was shocking, but none so much as this part.

Before Archie was even born, in a time that should have been simply joyous and celebratory, Buckingham Palace was expressing concerns behind closed doors of,

“What if this child presents as too Black, and not White enough for the Royal Family?”

Just imagine. Archie wasn’t even born yet, and already he was being subjected to the disgusting and discriminatory colorism that exists within the Royal Household. The fact that this was even a matter for discussion is appalling, inappropriate, and beyond shameful.

But to then turn it into a matter of concern? That makes it even worse.

Here was a little baby who was such a gift, and the thing that the Royal Household was most worried about was whether or not he appeared more Black than White.

And so what if he did?

What really would have been the loss or concern if that were the case? More diversity in the household? Better representation for a country whose people are not exclusively White?

But that’s the thing: it meant better cultural representation in the Royal Family in a country that is made up of over 80% White people — and so the colour of Archie’s skin being anything other than White was a twisted and misplaced concern for some in the UK.

Regardless of the colour of Archie’s skin, he shouldn’t have ever been considered lesser than. He shouldn’t have ever been considered less of a member of the Royal Family. There shouldn’t have even been a need to ‘worry’ about this topic to begin with.

That said, it’s important to note that upon Archie’s birth, he was not named an official Prince with a royal title, which was against the normal royal protocol for such things.

Archie was denied a title despite the fact that Prince Harry was technically still in line to take the throne.

Whereas his cousins, the children of William and Kate who were all fully White, were indeed named princess and princesses of the Royal Family.

If you’re thinking that something doesn’t quite add up here, you’re correct in being concerned and suspicious.

Seems like, to avoid 'scandal' and scrutinization again the Royal Family, rather than advocating for inclusivity and equality, they instead chose to perpetuate colourism and advocate for the racist treatment of anyone who is not White.


Harry and Meghan escaped because they wanted better for themselves and their children.

While we can go into a lot of topics here, I’m going to briefly mention that Harry admitted in the interview with Oprah to feeling extremely trapped within the Royal Family, and that he himself wanted to get out.

The media would have you believe that it was all ‘Evil Meghan' who was forcing Harry to leave the Royal Family, but he had many of his own reasons.

One of which being that living as a royal and being highly scrutinized by the media was literally the thing that resulted in his mother being murdered.

If they didn’t get out, it was likely that Meghan would suffer a similar fate, if not physical death than the death of her own mental health and well-being.

But the part to especially note here is that Meghan had been living several years within the Royal Family and the spotlight that came with it. She’d already witnessed the disgusting colourism that was taking place, not just within the walls of Buckingham itself, but also within the media.

Her own mixed-raced children would likely suffer the same scrutinization or feeling of being ‘other’ and 'lesser' within their own family, just as she did.

Please find me a parent in the world who can proudly say that this is a life they would want for their children or a risk they were willing to take with their child’s life and well-being.

The media had already crucified Meghan in every way for just being an outspoken and mixed-race woman. And we already know that the media are not above slandering children and crushing the self-esteem of young people (again, the recent documentary “Framing Britney Spears” casts a very critical view of this reality).

People like to harp on Prince Harry for ‘going along with his wife’s scheme' or for letting his wife be the reason that he left his life of service, but aside from the fact that he also wanted to leave, it’s important to note that frankly here Harry is just being a stand-up and supportive husband exactly as he should be.

Being a married woman myself, I can tell you that my husband and I made vows to each other to protect one another and to always prioritize one another first. Our mutual protection and well-being will always be our number one priority.

As a woman and wife who lives with mental illness, mine being diagnosed PTSD, I would also expect my husband to want for us to get out of a situation where I was being so horrifically mistreated.

Any place where my mental health treatment/recovery is seen as an inconvenience is not somewhere either of us would want to willingly be, for my own safety and well-being. To protect one’s partner, especially when they cannot do so themselves, is the role of a spouse. They need to be there through sickness and in health, good times and bad.

Existing in a highly toxic environment is no way to live, and certainly not an ideal place to raise children, who ultimately deserve to thrive and live normal childhoods.

Final word.

No one should be too shocked by the fact that the Royal Family and the staff at Buckingham Palace have been accused of being racist and discriminatory against Meghan or anyone who is not blatantly White or doesn’t go directly in line with 'White English tradition/narrative’.

Look at Britain’s history of colonization, taking what they want and seeing themselves as more superior to the ‘other’.

If we want to talk about tradition and history, the mistreatment of minorities and racist behavior is sadly as ‘traditional’ as it gets (save for two potentially Black English Queens, but historians can’t be sure if that’s the case). As this is coming from a woman who is half-English — this is my culture, too.

That said, while it’s not entirely surprising that this is the case, it’s still highly disappointing and in no way acceptable.

Meghan and Harry did not run away from royal life. No, they were chased away. They were forced away by a toxic and abusive situation and lifestyle that threatened not only their mental health but also the well-being of their future children and their family altogether.

The truth is, it didn’t have to be this way. If the Royal Family had really wanted Meghan and Harry to continue with their duties and feel comfortable and safe enough to raise their children in the royal spotlight, I have no doubt there would have been ways, another reality perhaps, where this could have been achieved and facilitated.

There were many choices that could have been made to offer a safe and secure space for all members of their family to thrive, but that simply did not happen.

And such a reality was in particular denied to Meghan Markle because she was not a traditionally White upper class woman. Because she was different from the status quo. Because she is mixed-raced.

This could have turned out differently, but it didn’t. And all of the onus of that fact is on the Royal Family.

The onus is on them and the culture they have allowed within their staff and homes that encourage bullying, toxicity and blatant racism.

At the end of the day, I stand with Meghan and Harry’s decision to leave, and I applaud them for doing everything they needed to do both as committed partners to each other and as parents to ensure the safety, health and well-being necessary for their futures to thrive.

And if anyone has a serious issue with that reality, or thinks these two owe anybody anything, those people need to reevaluate their priorities and ask themselves where this misplaced sense of entitlement comes from.

Meghan and Harry don’t owe the public a single damn thing.

But they do owe themselves a happy and safe life with their family where they can be who they are and be happy without the looming threat of impending doom.

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