These Men Invented a Menstrual Product No One Needs nor Wants

Gillian Sisley

In fact, it deepens an already harmful stigma towards a completely natural bodily function for 50% of the world’s population.
This man invested $30,000 dollars into the Pinky Glove company. (Screenshot from episode)

It’s alright, I can already feel your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you read the title of this piece.

Because, let’s be honest, the last thing we need is for individuals who do not experience menstruation to create products meant to ‘help’ those of us who do.

I'm having horrific flashbacks of rooms full of old white men deciding what women can and cannot do with their bodies, all while having absolutely zero idea about how female biology works, and where all our reproductive parts are.

Well, that’s exactly what happened on the German equivalent TV show of, “Dragon’s Den”, which is instead known as, “The Lion’s Cave”. Two young, German dudes brought forward their “invention” and startup company: Pinky Gloves.

Their startup’s concept is a menstrual product for women — a ‘delightfully pink’ glove and baggy to use when we remove tampons or pads ‘hygienically’.

We can then dispose of our menstural products without ever having to, GOD FORBID, accidentally touch our own bodily fluids with our direct skin!!!

*insert hysterical scream here*
Image credit via Pinky Glove Instagram

Yup, you read that correctly.

Wondering to yourself who in actual hell would have asked for this to be invented? The answer is no one.

Well, apparently a couple of people these two bozos interacted with, which had them thinking they had a multi-million-dollar idea on their hands.

Give me a f*cking break.

Ah, to have the confidence of a mediocre, rich white man.

I often sit back and wonder what this must feel like. To just sit there and think,

“Hey, this one woman in my life said this one thing one time, and I think I have a solution to help billions of women in the world! I’m gunna make millions!!!”

Because that is, in fact, exactly what happened in this case. The two inventors of the “Pinky Glove” claim they had a conversation with their female flatmates about their difficulties surrounding menstruating.

Two. Just two women.

And I get it — there are women out there who find menstrual blood unpleasant. I’m not saying they shouldn’t feel that way.

Although I will say that society has programmed a very problematic narrative of menstruation being unclean, dirty and shameful, when it is anything but. That narrative has been embedded in everyone, including women.

It takes time and effort to deprogram that voice on an individual and culturally level.

But if those very women wanted to have less contact with their menstrual blood, they can and likely already are carrying rubber gloves with them. They have absolutely zero need to be up-charged by some dudes in Germany to buy an already existing product in the f*cking colour pink.

What a completely shameless and insulting money grab.
Image via The World News

And with that said, let’s dig into some of the bigger issues at hand, and the societal, global repercussions that a product like this could have (which these privileged dudes obviously didn’t even take a brain fart’s worth of time to consider or research):

The product is *shockingly* pink.

Truly, truly, can we please put this exhausting, gender repressive concept of anything for women needing to be pink out the door and in the trash?

Pink is a colour, like any other colour. This is gender equality 101 — if you’re going to develop a product and try to not be totally offensive about it, at least try to avoid the obviously problematic gender stereotypes that we’ve been talking about as a society for generations.

Plus, the name of the product is, ‘Pinky Glove’. Pinky.

STOP. Just stop it. You’re giving me a damn headache.

There is literally no need for this trash.
Image via Pinky Glove website

Image via Pinky Glove website

I mean “trash” both as an adjective and a noun.

This product is total garbage — no one needs it, or asked for it. Other than apparently those two female friends they have, who likely just tried to educate these dimwits about some female realities, which they then took and tried to profit off of.

Ah, a privileged dude trying to make money off of a non-existent female plight — don’t you just love the capitalist, patriarchal society we live in?

The other side of this trash argument comes in the literal sense too — this product is absolutely literal garbage. It is a painfully pollutive concept that is in no way environmentally friendly.

No one needs this! How many times do I need to say that?

These men should be ashamed of themselves for further adding to the harmful menstrual stigma.

And finally? These men are trash. They’re further perpetuating this harmful stigma of menstruation being dirty, shameful, and something disgusting.

We bleed, many of us on a monthly basis. Without this natural process, human beings would not need to reproduce. GET OVER IT.

This invention, if you can even call it that, is an unethical, problematic, and frankly beyond insulting piece of garbage that should never have been invested, let alone invested into by a supposedly intelligent businessman.

Well done gentleman, you took two products that were already invented, the plastic bag and the rubber glove, coloured them pink, and tried to sell them as your own product.

As if a completely natural body happening should be dealt with as if it is toxic waste. Or like dog sh*t to be picked up off on the sidewalk when out with your furry friend.

If such a normal, natural bodily function is so offensive to these complete douchebags, they should come out with their second line of product, “Poopy”, a brown version of this plastic bag and rubber gloves, for all human beings to use because that is the exact same thing.

What, does my idea BRILLIANT for the “Poopy Glove” sound ridiculous to you? Well, it should! And it is JUST as ridiculous as this misogynistic, idiot “Pinky Glove” product.

Final word.

In response to the backlash, the founders of Pinky Glove posted the following statement to their Instagram page (which has since been closed down):

“We have not dealt adequately and properly with the subject. That was a big mistake. We take your feedback very seriously and [will] rethink our product and reflect on the entire history of its creation.” — Pinky Glove founders, translation via the Huffington Post

They continued their plea by asking people to be “objective” with their criticism because they’d received “hate speech” for their appearance on the show (and the existence of their product in general).

Imagine, going on a public television show, displaying a misogynistic product with a misogynistic attitude, and then being shocked that women, in particular, are angered by your behaviour?

It’s all too clear these guys have yet to understand the true depths of harm this sort of bullsh*t (that women deal with every single day) does to us and the cause for equality we’re trying to fight for.

Here is my plea to the world — if you want to help women globally with their menstruation woes, please do some f*cking research.

Ask some actual women. Or, better yet, do a simple Google search. Because, guess what, the answers are already there, and they are loud and clear.

Activists have been fighting for generations for women to have safe, hygienic, accessible and tax-free menstruation products.

For many women globally, menstruation products are simply not affordable or accessible. In certain areas of the world, girls and women use fabrics to catch menstrual blood, and will reuse these garments despite not being able to adequately sanitize them. Because they simply have no other f*cking choice.

Period Poverty: Everything You Need to Know

Worse, there are many girls around the world who miss days to a week of school each month because of menstruation, whether it is seen as unclean in their culture and they are not permitted to attend, or they don’t have the adequate supplies to facilitate still going to school.

Let’s start there. Let’s abolish menstrual poverty entirely, and ensure that anyone who needs menstrual products has access to them, no matter where they are in the world or what their financial situation is.

When we have total equality for everyone on the planet, and have solved those important issues first, then feel free to create idiotic inventions like “Pinky Glove”.

Actually, I take that back. Just don’t do it.

Period. (pun intended)

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