We’ve Got to Consistently Celebrate Our Wins

Gillian Sisley

Big or small, every single one of them counts.


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Yesterday, my fiancé got the results to his most recent CPA (Certified Professional Accounting) exam.

After 2 months of studying 4+ hours per day on top of his full-time job, he passed.

I screamed with joy when I got his text confirming the good news. This was a massive deal, and he's worked so hard for this!

Since starting his accounting designation, there have been a lot of changes in our lifestyle.

While he’s plugging away at his CPA, I’ve taken on the responsibilities of the household.

We’ve each been sacrificing for the greater good of our future together, and it’s starting to really pay off.

Once we got the news, I declared we were going out for a nice dinner to celebrate.

“I dunno if we should. The wedding is just two months away, we should really be saving every penny.”

I brushed him off immediately, “I don’t care. You’ve been working so hard, and you really deserve this. This is huge! We have to celebrate!”

“That’s sweet… but you do know I have 6 more exams to write in the next 2 years?”

“And we’re going to celebrate our a**es off for every single one of them.”

Celebrating the wins is the foundation of our success.

Big or small, each and every win along the way leads us further down our journey towards success.

Not one of those wins should be minimized. As they say, it's all about the journey.

It’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle, and forget everything it took for us to get there.

If we don’t stop for a hot minute to recognize the steps we’ve taken, we will fail to notice our progress.

When we’re ignoring our progress, and not appreciating our wins, it becomes all too easy for us to get discouraged. Because if we don't have the evidence or experiences to reflect how far we've come, our self-doubt can swallow us up whole.

If we have a memory, or some sort of evidence, to highlight a milestone we passed, that paves a trail of wins that we can look back on as a reference when we’re feeling down, or feel we’ve made little to no progress.

I’ve built two service-based businesses off of this philosophy.

This process hasn’t failed me yet.

In fact, it’s empowered me every step of the way towards fulfilling my entrepreneurial dreams.

When I first made the jump into pursuing my social media company full-time, I built “Celebrating the Wins” into my business model, daily time-tracker and weekly schedule.

A steady dose of celebrating the wins, big and small, kept me motivated to keep working forward, and helped me appreciate how every little step counted as I headed towards my goals.

As I started my copywriting business, juggling that along with social media, I found it even more important to keep record of the wins along the way, from every accepted piece to each kind comment from a client.

We all know that the writing industry is full of rejection. But what we often have a hard time realizing is that our own self-doubt is our worst enemy.

This is a way to directly counter-act that feeling of self-doubt and reference evidence that proves us otherwise. So hold onto that evidence, even intentionally create that evidence, so that you can keep on plugging forward and making mountains move.

You owe it to yourself to do so, and it's a win-win if you make a habit of enjoying the journey along the way. Better than being miserable, right? Let's dig deeper into that philosophy:

You’ll be happier along the way.

Your payment for working in your job is receiving a salary so that you can pay your bills and afford to live, whether comfortably or by just getting by.

Money is the fuel you need to keep on going.

Celebrating the wins is also a necessary fuel to encourage you along your journey, when you’re not in a place in your career where a full-time income is possible to achieve.

Whether you’re starting a company from scratch, or trying to build a writing career with no previous experience, you’re not likely to get paid right away. If you don't have currency as a form of reward to keep you motivated, then it's easy to fall into a slump.

You need some sort of payment to keep you going — and that payment is celebrating and acknowledging each and every little win along the way to success.

In recognizing those steps, you’ll give yourself the motivation and grit to continue forward to achieve more and more.

Otherwise, you’ll quickly find yourself running on empty, getting discouraged, and possibly giving up on your goal or dream entirely.

Final word.

As an admin for a Facebook writers community on this platform, MPP Social, one of the weekly threads I manage is #WednesdayWins.

On this weekly thread, big or small, we all celebrate the successes of our writing journey from the past week.

Especially in the writing community, and smaller sects like this one, community support and encouragement play a BIG role in our overall success.

On this platform, we can all be winners. There’s no need to be cut-throat and competitive.

And we at MPP Social truly believe that celebrating the wins with each other, and encouraging one another along the way, will ultimately lead to a better community and success for more people.

We want to see that happen.

This is a philosophy that I’m more than happy to bring to the table and facilitate among my fellow writers.

Have you celebrated your wins recently? Whether you have, or have not, comment below with your most recent wins of the week so that we can celebrate them together!

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