My 2.5K Engagement Ring Broke After 1 Day

Gillian Sisley

Yes, it was as much of a nightmare as it sounds.

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For those who have ever been engaged, the memory of that monumental moment often sticks with you.

This was the same case for me, as well.

One year ago, my partner proposed to me in our bedroom the day he officially moved into my house.

I walked into the master bedroom, and it was decked out with rose petals and candles. All. The. Romance.

He started a steaming shower for me to relax and refresh, and when I came out (without my glasses, thus basically blind), he was there to greet me with a single rose and a beautiful speech.

I only heard half of what he said, when I finally realized what was happening. Neither of us can remember the rest of his speech.

And then he leaned the rose towards me, and something sparkly was in the middle of it, and I immediately said “YES!” to his questions and we were engaged.

We then walked down to the living room, opened a bottle of wine, and shared the next few hours privately basking in our new status.

For the first day, my eyes were glued to that ring. credit: Author)

We’d gotten engaged at midnight on a Saturday, so all of Sunday was spent making the rounds to our loved ones to announce the news.

And like every newly engaged person, I was looking at my finger just about every 10–15 minutes that first day.

I would look at it and think:

“Wow. I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to get to wear this beautiful ring for the REST of my life.”

It’s a good thing I was looking so often… this would play an important role further along in the story.

Literally every newly engaged person’s worst nightmare.

When you’re wearing a ring full to the brim with diamonds, there’s a bit of a fear of scratching it, or losing it, or breaking it.

That feeling only really goes away after a few weeks.

But until you get used to having these big ol’ rocks on your finger, you delicately tread along with your left hand, trying not to bump it or catch it on anything like your life depends on it.

I knew, from my mother-in-law's account, that my partner had spent 8 hours at various ring stores choosing the one he felt was perfect for me.

And I also knew the one he had chosen had a hefty price tag on it. So I was being extra careful.

We’d barely been engaged when the worst possible thing happened.

It was Monday morning — I went to our bedroom to change out of a sweater and toss on a lighter shirt. I took a glance at my ring, for the millionth time that day, and smiled. I then pulled off my sweater to change.

“Oh, well, why not take another lookie at this beautiful thing!”

It took a second to register that I was no longer looking at the diamond in the centre, but rather looking at the flesh of my finger framed by a halo of diamonds.

The inner halo and the solitaire diamond were simply no longer there.

I am not over exaggerating when I say that those 7 seconds were some of the scariest of my entire life.

Especially when I looked across the room and saw my tiny dog, laying on the carpet, chopping enthusiastically on something.

I have never reacted to anything so quickly in my whole damn life.

I seriously think, that for the first and only time in my existence, I flew across that room in one gallant leap.

I wrenched the dog’s mouth open and screamed into it, “DON’T EAT MY ENGAGEMENT RING!

Thankfully, he was chopping on a piece of cardboard, rather than a thousand dollars worth of diamonds.

Knowing I’d looked at my ring right before changing out of my sweater, I went back to the spot where I changed, and low and behold, found the missing halo and solitaire of diamonds just sitting on the carpet, safe and sound.

I collapsed on the floor, easing myself down from a heart attack, and called my Mum in tears to tell her what had happened.

Those 7 seconds were so damn scary and upsetting.

Final word.

The drive to go pick up my fiancé from work was no fun at all.

We’d barely been engaged for 24 hours, and I felt like the fact that the ring just broke, without getting caught on anything and half of it just falling out, put a massive damper on our entire engagement.

I was so upset that the happiest day of my life to date had turned into such a disappointing nightmare.

As I got out of the car to greet my fiancé, I saw his heart utterly break as I told him what had happened.

We got in the car and headed straight to the store where he’d bought the ring.

To be fair, I didn’t think there was anything anyone could do or say to make the situation any better for me. But to the credit of the employees at the store, they were really phenomenal.

They were shocked that this had happened, and assured us that it was incredibly rare for such a thing to take place. Especially with a Vera Wang ring from her LOVE collection.

They were compassionate and apologetic, gave us a replacement ring on the spot, and we walked out once again happy.

Our engagement party was 3 weeks later, and until now the only people who knew this had happened were my mom, my partner and myself.

We didn’t want that to be the way people remembered our engagement announcement, so we kept the incident a secret.

A year later, and the ring is exactly as it should still be, and I can look back on this incident and laugh about it.

I’m just glad I didn’t have to sift through my dog’s sh*ts for a week to track down those diamonds.

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