Because I Wasn’t Creative Writing, I Almost Lost my Business

Gillian Sisley

Apathy is business-cancer, and the cure is reigniting your passion.

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It’s February of this year. I had finally, begrudgingly, admitted that I’d lost my passion for my social media marketing business.

I was missing deadlines.

I was lying awake for hours in the morning feeling like climbing out of bed was my Everest.

The novelty of being my own boss had worn off and my soul was burnt out.

I felt so guilty for feeling that way. Because I know exactly how lucky I am to be able to make an income off of a business I built from the ground, with clients who deeply value what I have to offer.

Still, I wasn’t happy. And more than that, my indifference in my business was like a virus, infecting all other aspects of my life.

I didn’t realize that apathy was essentially a cancer to my business until it was almost destroyed everything.

If you’re a solopreneur like me, your business and you are virtually synonymous. You share the same brand, spend most of your day together and directly affect one another’s reputation.

Although I was aware of that reality, I didn’t connect the dots in that any apathy felt towards my business would automatically be transferred to apathy I would feel towards myself.

It’s scary how close you can become to losing your career when you’re not feeding your passion and fulfilling your soul.

It almost happened to me — don’t let it be you.

The negative thoughts in my head were being extra cruel.

Normally, I’d debunk these negative thoughts and tell them to f*ck off.

You probably make a habit of doing the same.

Yet, those negative voices really love to say some cruel things and tell us massive lies when our guard is down.

For me, I was 3 years into running my social media company and had virtually cut my working hours in half (working smarter, not working harder), had a dependable income, and great relationships with my clients…

If that sounds like you, then by all accounts, you are standing directly in what many, including myself, would call success.

But it didn’t feel like success in the slump I was in.

At my lowest, I had conversations with my partner about my struggles, bringing my burden forward for discussion and scrutinization. Whatever I was trying to do to solve the problem wasn’t working. I was struggling to find a solution for myself, and I needed the insight of someone I trusted to shed some light on my issue.

In his abundant wisdom, he smiled, received me with delicate compassion, and asked, “Have you been writing lately?”

Take apathy as a warning that something integral to who you are is missing.

When he asked if I’d been writing, I scoffed at him.

Of course, I was writing. I write every day, I’m a professional copywriter, hellllooooo?

He shook his head. “No, no. Are you writing writing. Writing for fun. Writing for your soul.”

Light bulb.

Ah. Writing. For pleasure. Creative writing… when was the last time I did that? 3, 4 months ago? And when did I fall into this really obvious funk?


Light bulb.

Apathy is a sneaky little thing. It can take away our willingness to care about, not only our business ventures, but also our self-improvement and growth ventures.

As entrepreneurs, we don’t always have the best track record for practicing necessary, fundamental self-care.

It’s a struggle that comes with the territory, and just about every entrepreneur will have difficulty with this at some point in their career. If anything, it will likely be an on-going challenge that you will have to face throughout the life of running your business.

When it feels like everything is at stake, it’s easy to be ignorant to the little prompt in your spirit telling you something’s not quite right, and that you need some time to recharge. Often, this little prompt is the only thing keeping a person from burnout.

That was exactly what had been happening to me -- I had been slowly approaching burnout over the course of a year, and when my apathy fully hit it was fair to say that I had dive-bombed into burnout and had been suffering for some time by that point.

Without the energy or the care to focus on much of anything, I had completely neglected my inner writer, a vital life-force for me.

She’d been withering away for months and I’d been doing nothing about it.

This realization changed everything.

Breathe life back into your business’ most valuable asset — YOU.

I stumbled back upon writing online personal essays by fluke.

I started reading online articles, and it was in that beautiful rabbit hole of writing articles online that I found out this was a way to make income if done right.

The entrepreneur AND the writer in me were intrigued.

For the sake of my inner writer, I committed to writing at least one article a day to exercise my writing muscles, feed my life-force and find my spark again for writing.

For the sake of my inner entrepreneur, I wanted to see if I could supplement some of my income from my social media business with monetization through online writing.

The more I could replace the work that didn’t inspire me with work that did, the more likely I would be to find passion in my business again.

And that all happened, simply because I desired and hungered for the written word to fulfill myself as a person, and thus put fuel back into my business.

The written word is one damn incredible, and powerful, thing.

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