A Thank You to Misogynistic Internet Trolls

Gillian Sisley

Mad love to you guys. By making complete and utter fools of yourselves you’re helping pay my bills!


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I’ve heard from a few people that I should stop replying to comments on my content from sexist trolls online.

Oh, and apparently, I should definitely stop writing about it.

I’ve made a bit of a reputation for myself, on this publication and among my readers, as that chick who claps-back and anonymously calls out misogynistic trolls in purpose-driven articles. Such as:

To the Guy On The Internet Who Tried to School Me in How to Be a “Proper” Woman


Apparently, My Right to Consent is “Unnecessary”?

According to some online, by writing these articles I’m only feeding into the negativity.

Well, I’m sorry if you feel that way, but I’m not going to stop writing about these encounters. And why?

Because this is the healthiest way for me to handle these situations.

Originally, I would get so seethingly angry from the blatant ignorance that it would throw off my entire day, maybe my whole week.

The injustice of their sexist comments would burrow its way into my bones. When I’d tell my fiancé about misogynistic encounters online, I would get so worked up that I’d eventually be straight-out shouting at him (not directed to him, but just in his general direction).

It wasn’t healthy.

Writing satirical pieces about these events, on the other hand, helps with my processing. It encourages me write, and gets me straight down to business.

It also makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile, and helps me in coming to terms with my sense of responsibility to work further towards a more equal world.

I use humour as a way to field these experiences, and it also makes me feel like I’m the one winning in the end, because even if I don’t get the last word in, others are still reading about this ridiculous behaviour and making their own judgements about the garbage people I’m directly quoting.

To be honest, that makes me feel quite vindicated.

We all have to do what’s right for us.

This is one of the ways I fight for the cause of equality between men and women.

I write satirical pieces about misogynistic trolls. And it’s therapeutic for me.

Instead of raging, I laugh.

With every name or insult they dish my way, writing out their direct quotes and responding to them with satire helps me put things into perspective.

It cuts past the suffocating rage which is activated by the ever-present injustice of inequality in my soul, and helps to carry me to a place of understanding of how insignificant and foolish these trolls are being.

It reminds me that there are bigger fish to fry in my day, and in my life.

Writing lets me get my feelings out, let it go and move on.

It’s the most effective conduit I’ve ever had for processing my rage over these injustices as a woman.

You should probably stop commenting, for your own sake.

Spread the word to all your friends living under their equally depressing and grungy bridges — you should probably stop commenting on my content with sexism and hate.

Do you trolls not get it by now? You’re the ones giving me the ammunition, and I’m not going to stop writing about you.

You’re trying to tear me down, but instead, you’re giving me golden content to write about.

You’re just fueling me to continue. You’re helping me move further into my writing career, and getting me closer towards my goals and successes.

I can’t make up the sh*t you guys say — it’s all you, in your brilliant glory.

And while I never name you directly in my articles, I am quoting you directly.

And in those moments, I am defeating each one of you with the sharp swing of my satirical writer’s blade.

So, if your goal is to tear me down and break my spirit, you’re sure going about it the wrong way.

Thank you for making my dreams come true!

You guys are the real ones — you’re helping me pay my bills, and making my professional writing career soar!

I’m not going to go in debt anymore to pay for my dream wedding, and you’re a huge part of that! So thank you!

I may be able to afford to pay off our mortgage earlier than 23 years from now because you kind gentlemen are giving me great content to work with and write about.

And it’s getting me paid. Really, really well paid.

Think about it though — I'm every feminist's wildest dream! I get to make money off of ranting about the infuriating injustices and ignorances of pigs like you!

How incredible is that! We’re like a team — a really effective team addressing inequality, starting powerful conversations, and making money doing it, too!

Well, you’re not making money, I am.

But we’ll just consider it my settlement for your harassment and abuse.

Sound fair?

Final word.

When all of my business earnings from the month of April came through earlier this week, I laughed so f*cking loud and hard that I sent my dog running out of the room.

Most likely because my laugh was fairly maniacal, which is kind of scary, I admit.

But I was laughing joyfully too because all of you trolls who got horribly upset when I had the gall to say that 1. I hope to inspire young adult readers with the strong female lead in my debut novel and 2. I decided to share that I'm staying a virgin until marriage (that one really bothered a lot of entitled white men, I tell ya), well, because of your upset, I made some serious bank!

I made serious dollah bills from three articles outlining your ridiculous behaviour!

And what did you make from your comments? I can promise you sure as hell didn’t make a valid point.

And you didn’t make any money, either.

No… you just made a complete fool of yourself.

Hope it was worth it!

I sure think it was :)

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