What's the saving of effortless fashion?Learn from 5 Nordic fashion bloggers



In recent years, in addition to the four-well-known international fashion weeks (Paris, Milan, London, New York), a rising star-Copenhagen Fashion Week has gradually been valued more by the fashionistas. The fashion circle had also set off a "Nordic style" frenzy. In the public's impression, the Nordic style is synonymous with "coldness", "minimalism", and "black and white colour scheme". Though in the past two years, the Nordic style had also undertaken some innovation and had experienced tremendous changes, endued fresh colours and vitality.



01 Pernille Teisbaek



Pernille Teisbaek is from Denmark, she used to be a fashion editor. Celine and BV are two of her favourite brands. She is the representative of Nordic "minimalist style" and has over 950,000 followers on Instagram. She has got her own unique style, which is simple but not basic. The outfits she wears are mostly black, white, grey and earth tones, you could hardly find any other colours on her, and they all look very high-end and with excellent textures.



Key points you could learn from her:

  • She is not so tall, but she knows how to use long boots to create a straight long legs effect, which is very much worth trying for the short girls.
  • Pernille especially likes leather goods, which forms a sense of "mature woman’s" sassy and coolness.
  • The ‘suits style’ considered to be her fashion armor, as the Oversized outline creates a casual atmosphere, the layering neutralizes the formal aspect of the suits, making it easy to wear for work or to commute.


02 Alexandra Carl

Alexandra Carl is a Danish girl with glasses, she has been a stylist since she was 16 years old! So even if it’s just the basic everyday clothes, she can still bring out the fashion in them.



Most of her outfits are in khaki, brown, caramel etc., which are very suitable to wear during the autumn and in the winter, spreading a warm and elegant vibe. On her Instagram page, you could see many styling works she had created for magazines and brands, which is worth getting inspirations from.

Key points you could learn from her:

  • Alexandra Carl's wardrobe has countless windbreakers and cropped jeans, a neat and attractive combination.
  • She also knows how to use accessories to add styling highlights, such as silky scarves, metal earrings, necklaces and iconic glasses.



03 Marie Wibe Jedig

Marie Wibe Jedig, is a blogger living in Copenhagen. She has got rounded eyes and cute bangs just above her brows, looking like a cute girl from a fairy tale.



Her outfits also exude the feel of sweet candy, she knows how to use her colours when it comes to styling.

Key points to learn from her:

  • Her biggest styling attraction is the colourful macaron’s coloured accessories she wears. She especially loves to put garments on her head. For example, Marie Wibe Jedig will wear a hat to compliment many of her Looks, but they are carefully thought-out and well matched to her outfits. Or she would get some accessories such as headscarves, hairpins, and headbands to wear. Each little ingenuity had become an inseparable part of her unique style.
  • Looking through her outfits, many contains aspects of the "Peter Pan collar", which fits the characteristics of Copenhagen, the "Fairy Tale Capital".



Marie Wibe Jedig's mother is also working on her own pottery brand Bettunika. Her star product is a handmade cup. This coarse and unique craftsmanship attracts me. Ins will regularly update any new products, which is said to be quite difficult to get a hold of one of her work.


04 Anne Johannsen

Anne Johannsen once said: "I would only wear white, beige and navy blue. I thought I’m that type of girl, but I feel happier when I get to choose to wear multiple colours." Her wardrobe is basically occupied with macaron’s colours, I would describe it as a fashion colour palette.



Looking at Anne Johannsen’s Instagram picture, my mood gets immediately lifted. We all know that the macaron’s colour scheme can easily go wrong, yet she has her own exclusive inspirations for wearing and matching colours.

Key points to learn from her:

  • Everyone is familiar with the same colour collocation technique, it makes the outfits looking fresh and harmonious.
  • But the advanced players ‘colour magic’ is worth pondering! Use black and white as the base, and small areas of brighter toned colours as embellishments, this way you can easily grasp and create a colour balance.
  • A variety of colourful plaid is another way to show off your personality, super fun to play with. Don't forget that the "combination of complicity and simplicity" is essential to avoiding any mistakes.





05 Sarah Mikaela

Sarah Mikaela is the first generation of attractive fashion bloggers. Her official height is said to be 152cm, so she’s an icon for shorter people.



But in recent years, it seems that fewer and fewer people are bringing her up. Compared to a few years ago, her current style seems to be more mature and feminine. But slim fitted and high waistline are still her most important styling rules.


Key points to learn from her:

  • It is said that a basic white shirt can beat all kinds of styles, which explains why a plain shirt had won over Sarah Mikaela's heart. Not only the materials can vary, but the ways to wear them can also be dazzling. The most common way is to tuck the corners of the shirt into a pair trousers. Girls with nice waist lines can also copy her technique, knotting the hem or unbutton a few buttons.
  • Sarah Mikaela may look sweet and girly, but her gender-neutral suit/ jacket is one of her most worn outfits in her wardrobe. With a pair of high heels with bare legs, who would notice her miniature height?



The above is who I believe are the most representative Nordic bloggers, they have never stopped pursuing beauty. Only through continuous exploration can they discover and gradually master the styling techniques that would really suit them. The same goes for you and me.


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