All you need are these three tips for body skincare in this dry winter


In the previous two articles, we analyzed the causes and solutions of dry lips and dry face. This article will discuss how we can keep our whole-body moisture and slippery.

03 Body moisturizing

However, when thinking about body skincare, most people will only focus on body lotion. In fact, a moisturizing shower gel is also crucial. Choose a mild cleansing shower gel, but do not use that soap in winter.

After taking a shower, many people seldom pay attention to body skin care. Everyone can see the face when exposed, so one or two skin care steps for facial skin are fine. As for many, there’s no urgency for them to take care of their skin condition, so people don't bother applying body lotion. The first step to having a good skin condition is forming a habit.

There’s no distinguish between body lotion for men and women, but there will be some differences in the choice of fragrance. Most care brands and some big brands that produce men's perfumes have body lotions to choose from. Choosing your favorite flavor can also help you develop a habit as you would tend to apply it more often. It should be noted that when applying it, you can apply more at the joints as the body milk can penetrate the joints and skin better. If your body dries out really bad, the vitamin E in the milk can be applied to the whole body.

In addition to washing and care, the most important cause of our dry skin is the environment. The high heating temperature indoor from the radiators is also the reason why it will be dry as soon as it enters the autumn and winter, the moisture evaporates much quicker.

Therefore, to fundamentally solve the problem of dry skin, it is necessary to maintain the humidity of the indoors and our living environment. Especially in the bedroom, we need to use a humidifier, and try to use pure water or a humidifier with a filtration system to ensure a comfortable and sterile environment. For the choice of humidifier, capacity and degree of atomization are things you should absolutely pay attention to. Without these two, no matter how expensive and good-looking the humidifier is, it would only function as a furniture.

04 Drink water

Finally, when it comes to dryness, I will have to say: drink plenty of water.

70% of the human body is made out of water, and 90% of the blood composition is water. Moreover, water can assist in the transportation of nutrients, promote metabolism, regulate body temperature, lubricate joints, maintain skin elasticity, and discharge waste in the body. Drinking plenty of water is conducive to the supply of oxygen, breathing smoothly, and maintaining good physical condition.

According to the amount of labor and height of each person, the amount of water a person needs to take in is about 1600 ml per day, so that we can ensure the normal metabolism of the human body. And do you know what? The human body needs to consume 300 ml of water per day for breathing, 700 ml per day for sweating and at least 100ml for defecation.

Many people have the habit of drinking water after waking up, which is good. But this first glass of water in the morning cannot be milk, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, cold water, brine, vegetable soup or broth. A full glass of honey warm water or just warm water are much more suitable after getting up in the morning.

You may have the urgency to use the toilet soon after drinking water, but you wouldn’t want to, because it is cold in winter and you are too comfortable with the warmth underneath your duvet, or there’s no time because you are in a hurry to work. So, some people may suggest it is better not to drink until you feel thirsty.

Which is very wrong! The winter is cold and dry, and we should stay hydrated, but because of the cold weather, many people do not feel thirsty. You should drink water no matter if you are or are not thirsty. If you wait until you are thirsty, lack of liquid in our body will lead to something serious. Studies have shown that as long as the human body loses 5% of water and fails to be replenish in time, the skin will start getting dry. Keep that in mind!

Many friends may have mistakenly believed that drinking beverages are the same as drinking water. The truth is that the taste of beverages is indeed much better than it of plain water, especially for some young people who likes to drink coke, sprite and so on. In fact, using beverages to replace plain water is absolutely harmful to the body. Because most of these beverages contains high amount of sugar, additives, etc., large consumption of this drinks will cause lots of physical abnormalities.

during a hot kiss is also a very embarrassing thing. Lack of water and bad personal hygiene causes bacteria to accumulate in the oral cavity, resulting in bad breath. Drinking plenty of water can promote saliva secretion and eliminate bacteria. Beverages will only exacerbate the growth of bacteria and overall bad breath.

Water is a beauty cream produced by nature. After reading this, if you are hesitant to buy a new skin care product right away, at least make the effort and drink an extra glass of water today.


The three articles are about the solutions to the problem of dry skin during winter, and it applies to solution for several different body parts.

Anyhow, we still have to pay more attention to our body condition, and don't wait until it’s too late. Some small details that you usually don't pay attention to may ruin your image in the minds of others. On the contrary, this kind of small details will definitely become a bonus item if you manage it well in advance.

Besides, why not get yourself to live a more comfortable and healthier every day life?

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