All you need are these two tips for lips care in this dry winter


The cold and depressing winter is here and what we all want is to sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate and listening to good old tales, feeling the warm feeling of love. To keep the body and mind warm, an affectionate and romantic wet French kiss is the best combustion aid. Even if the outside temperature is below zero, a wet kiss can make the body temperature rise to 40 degrees.

When everything is in place, mind this —— your lips are too dry! Your skinned lips pierced the partner!

Is this unavoidable? During the season of autumn and winter in many cities of United States, our throat will start to feel smoky and dry every day when we get up, not to mention these skin problems are caused by “dryness" and lack of moisture in the surrounding air.

The mouth is one of the main erogenous zones of the body. But if you want more than that. In this article, we will discuss on how to keep the three main body parts soft and moisture.

01 Lip Care

Previously, we have discussed about the thing that kills romance when kissing is when our lips are dry. So, let me elaborate more on this. The part that is affected the most because of skin dryness and dehydration due to the weather is on the lips.

When someone is having a conversion at a close range, if the corners of his mouth is white, this means there is dead skin on the side of his lips. This will lead to his lips bleeding, even when just doing a simple task such as talking, not to mention when he laughs. This situation is not only indecent, but also pitiful.

Moreover, dry lips are also the first sign that implements the air is dry and this led to lack of water in the epidermis, so we should pay more attention to our water intake. But more often than not we do in a wrong way. The physiological subconscious reaction is to lick our lips with our tongue.

But, wetting our lips with our tongue is a huge mistake! When your saliva stays on your lips, it will evaporate rather quickly, and on top of that it will take away the little to no moisture from your lips. What's more serious is that a variety of digestive enzymes in saliva will remain on the lips, destroying the acidic protective film on the lips, causing the contraction of deep connective tissues, and the lip mucosa becomes wrinkled, which makes it even more dry.

To deal with the problem of dry lips, the solution is very simple - apply some lipstick.

In regards to the choice of lipstick, there are many kinds of ingredients content in the lipstick, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, petroleum jelly is more moisturizing and can stay on the lips for a longer time, but its penetration is not good; natural wax and beeswax extracted from honeycombs have good moisturizing effect, but it is more expensive.

Generally cheap lipsticks are the most basic combination of wax and oil. But low-cost and low-quality lip balm may use industrial paraffin. In the mid-to-high-end price range, lipsticks can achieve stronger penetration, more moisturizing, and longer-lasting effects. For example, adding vitamin E, aloe extract, peppermint extract, etc, can play multiple roles in reducing inflammation and enhancing the density of keratinocytes. If the lip product makes the mouth feel uncomfortable, it means that the lipstick is either too oily or waxy, so just change to one of the natural ingredients.

The types of lipsticks are also divided into cream and gel. The more convenient way to carry in the bag is the gel type, which is also convenient to apply. Also, the mouth of the cream is generally a little oilier, and the gel would be more hydrated.

If you find it inconvenient to always bring a lipstick during the day, consider a product before going to bed. Choose a lip mask product and apply it thickly on the mouth before you go to bed. The next morning, the dead skin will be cleared, and the corners of the mouth are clean, and most surprisingly, the lip color is ruddy. If you dislike the ruddy color on your lips, apply a colorless lipstick of Vaseline jelly for the same effect: but using your pinky finger, scoop up a piece of the jelly and rub it against your lips.

If you are currently facing all the problems such as dry lips, cracks, tightness, dead skin, and whitening lips, by applying the methods mention above, it only takes 3 to 5 days and you will be able to see the result, and the best wet kisses will be back. Enjoy!

02 Facial maintenance

Speaking of chapped face, a friend of mine popped into my head. Because of his handsome face and charming personality, he is so attractive especially in a bar or a club. I remember one time, when he was having a chat with a pretty girl he had just met, the girl looked at his face and slowly started leaning in and whispered something in his ear. However, it was not something to be proud of because what she said was: “I am sorry, but I can’t help but notice that your face is peeling somehow”.

Lucky enough for him, it was dim and foggy at the time, otherwise, his flushing face brought by embarrassment could not be concealed. My friend immediately texted me and asked me how what the solutions to his dried skin are.

Facial peeling is desquamation of facial skin, a typical skin problem caused by dryness and lack of care. If the dry lips is a huge problem for you, the dry skin would be an even bigger problem.

Many facial care products are deceptive as they can only be used to moisturize the stratum corneum but nothing deeper. These products are indifferent from washing your face directly, making your facial skin look bright and shiny immediately. But in fact, this gloss and humidity can only be maintained just for a short moment, and then soon it will disappear. Long-lasting hydration requires the overall elevation of the stratum corneum and below the stratum corneum, with which your skin's TEWL (transepidermal water loss) shall decrease. So, the next question is, how to do it exactly?

Please turn to the next article to learn more about the causes and solutions of facial skin peeling.

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