Opinion: Women’s 9 Months In, 9 Months Out Posts Are Problematic

Gigi Love

There is a Facebook/Instagram trend happening among moms. It’s the 9 months in and 9 months out side-by-side photos. Basically, the mom posts a photo of her 9-month pregnancy and then a photo holding her baby at 9 months old.

At first glance, it’s cute. But really think about this. You get distracted by the cute baby. You think, “Aw, look how sweet.” But then, after the fourth or fifth photo collage like this, you start to think about the why behind these pictures.

It is not about the baby at all.

It is all about the mother and her ability to “lose the baby weight.” These photos are a sneaky way for women to once again compare bodies. It’s diabolical, really.

Women are so programmed to be thin.

Even when pregnant, people will comment on “how well you are carrying.” This is coded language that people use to let you know that you are pregnant at an “acceptable” weight. They will also say terms like, “You are all baby.” Again, a stamp of approval.

Then, when women do give birth, they’re rushed into weight loss.

Again, people are going to talk about your body. They will celebrate your weight loss. Other mothers will tell you that they are “jealous” of how thin you are. People will talk about how you have “bounced back.”

The problem is that not every pregnancy or post-pregnancy looks the same.

Which is the whole reason women create these posts. They want to prove that their bodies are good. There’s a show-off element to this, whether women realize it or not. But they are only perpetuating a cultural expectation.

If we just left women’s bodies alone, we wouldn’t have this issue.

If we celebrated all pregnancy and post-pregnancy bodies, women would not feel the need to prove themselves. They wouldn’t need to kill themselves to “lose the baby weight.” They wouldn’t worry about gaining weight during pregnancy and where that weight is sitting on their bodies.

These posts are just a sign of a bigger problem.

It’s nothing new. Culture is constantly flooding women’s brains with what their bodies should look like. Women are trained to believe that thinner is better, and then we work our whole lives to fit this mold. At some point — hopefully not too late — some women will see through this and finally say, “Forget it.”

But other women will aim for skinny forever.

Think before you post.

We need to *really* evaluate why we create certain posts. And we need to think about the audience on the other side of the posts. I think about the women who had miscarriages. I think about the women whose bodies were forever changed by pregnancy. I think about women who struggle with infertility.

What would these women think about your 9 months in, 9 months out posts? We need to reevaluate here.

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