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Here’s what NYC voters need to know about this year’s primary elections.

With the NYC mayoral primary coming up on June 22, voters will use a new method to select candidates — ranked choice voting (RCV). Ranked-choice voting was a ballot measure voted for in NYC in 2019 and will be implemented for the first time for the June primary election. The new voting system will allow New Yorkers to rank up to five candidates on their ballots. RCV will also be used to elect the city’s comptroller, who oversees the city’s financial and accounting management, public advocate, a non-voting member of the city council who can introduce legislation, borough presidents, and city council members.

Usually, elections operate under a “winner takes all” scenario, where the candidate with a majority of the votes is automatically declared the winner. Ranked-choice voting elections will occur in rounds, where candidate(s) who receive the least number of rankings are eliminated each round. According to Reuters, if in the first round, any given candidate receives over 50% of the votes, they automatically win. If no candidate wins, rounds will continue until a candidate reaches 50% of the rankings.

According to NYC Votes, the potential benefits of RCV are that it gives voters more choices, a greater deciding factor in who is actually elected, and allows for more BIPOC candidates to win office. Elections in other cities with ranked-choice voting have resulted in more women and people of color being elected. RCV this election will provide flexibility for NYC Democratic voters who are deciding between almost a dozen candidates. With so many candidates and ranking choices, it is important to be informed on the varying candidates, campaigns, and platforms.

This year’s candidates include the following:

Voting will take place on June 22 while early voting will run from June 12-June 20. Find your nearest polling place here.

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