Tax Refunds In The New World Are Causing Chaos

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Suddenly there are 300,000 thalers in the account: This happened to players during a tax refund in The New World.
Tax Refunds (The New World)New World

A virtual tax refund is causing chaos and anger in the community in the MMORPG New World by Amazon Games. Reason: After logging in, some European players suddenly found 300,000 thalers in their account - and thus bought the local trading post empty or leveled their character up extremely quickly.

The reason for the surprising rain of money is simply a breakdown. Originally, the developers wanted to send homeowners a refund after a reduction in taxes due.

That would have been a few thousand thalers at most - but not 300,000, which is a very high amount in New World.

The developers reacted and took the worlds in the EU Central Region completely offline for a few hours on the afternoon of November 24, 2021. You can now play again, however: All servers were completely reset to the status of November 24th at 12:45 p.m.

The developers justify this by stating that there was no "easy and clean way to reset only players who paid out the wrong amounts since the side effects of the wrong payouts also affected many other players and systems." This is what Amazon Games employees write in the official forum.

Update 1.1 Does Not Have a Good Star

The reason for the extreme tax refunds was an unspecified error in a database change - in which actually only the money that has actually been debited too much since Update 1.1 should be returned.

Of course, the breakdown caused a massive upset in the community. After all, several hours of progress may be lost. The incorrect booking is not the only reason for annoyance: Shortly before, Update 1.1 itself with changes in the endgame, among other things, had caused a bad mood.

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