USB Group Criticizes EU For Uniform Charging Sockets

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The standard currently planned for charging sockets is already out of date: The head of the USB Implementers Forum criticizes the EU.
USB Group Criticizes EU For Uniform Charging Sockets (USB Type-C)Mika Baumeister From Unsplash

One should think that Jeffrey L. Ravencraft, head of the USB Implementers Forum, welcomes the EU's plans to standardize charging sockets; After all, it is in the interests of the forum that as many institutions and companies as possible adhere to standards.

In fact, however, Ravencraft has sharply criticized the EU Commission's plans in a public statement. It is to be feared that they "cause problems with interoperability and functionality and cause confusion and disputes".

The two standards mentioned by the EU in a paper (EN IEC 6280-1-3: 2021 and EN IEC 6280-1-2: 2021) are already out of date. They came from August 2019, but the USB Implementers Forum revised them in May 2021. This involves important elements such as power delivery via USB-C with up to 240 watts.

Ravencraft also criticizes the fact that the EU only wants to fix selected elements of USB-C as a standard, such as a protocol for charging only up to 15 watts. In the opinion of the USB Implementers Forum, however, it is important to record the standards in their entirety in order to ensure general compatibility.

In general, Ravencraft sees the problem that fixed standards slow down technical progress because new developments can hardly be taken into account by the EU in the short term.

EU Wants To Avoid Electronic Waste

The EU Commission presented the draft of its directive at the end of September 2021. This should make USB-C the "standard connection for all smartphones, tablets, cameras, headphones, portable speakers and portable video game consoles".

The Commission's proposal has yet to be adopted by the European Parliament and the Council. Thereafter, a transition period of 24 months would apply. With the standardization, European consumers could save 250 million euros annually on unneeded chargers. In addition, almost 1,000 tons of electronic waste per year would be avoided.

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