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Trump's social network is having problems with hackers and licensing

Ghani Mengal

Hackers start an "online war on hatred" with memes in Trump's network. The code appears to have been illegally adopted by Mastodon.
Trump's social network is having problems (hackers and licensing)History in HD from Unsplash

The Twitter-like own social network, Truth Social, announced by former US President Donald Trump, is already struggling with numerous problems before it even starts.

In just a few hours, a number of hackers and attackers managed to gain access to the not-yet public network. Shortly after the announcement, many important user profiles such as DonaldTrump were adopted. According to the New York Times (NYT), it was partly a coordinated action by hackers who count themselves as part of the Anonymous collective.

Numerous memes were published with the created and bogus accounts, as well as pictures of pigs pooping or questions about Melania Trump's whereabouts. According to the NYT report, this has been labeled an "online war on hatred". With their trolling, the activists also show the poor security status of Trump's planned network.

Code apparently with license infringement

Technically, the former US president's social network seems to be based on the free software Mastodon. Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko confirmed this to Motherboard magazine. For example, he referred to error messages that still used Mastodon's original branding. There were also direct references to it in the code of the page itself.

However, Mastodon's code is under the AGPLv3. This means those website operators who use the code must also publish it again. But that did not happen in the case of Trump's social network. Rather, the supposedly own code is even referred to as proprietary. This is clearly a license violation of the AGPLv3.

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