44% of iPhone Users Want To Switch To iPhone 13? Why This Isn't True

Ghani Mengal

44 percent of iPhone users want to switch to iPhone 13? Why is that not trueVua Tao From Unsplash

A current study by the used dealer from the USA "Sell ​​Cell" is currently making the rounds. Accordingly, around 44 percent of all iPhone users surveyed want the iPhone13 switch.

The survey participants cite a better refresh rate of 120 Hz as their motivation; this function would induce around 22 percent of all those willing to switch to buy the new iPhone. 18 percent still cite Touch ID under the display as a reason for purchase, which is not even sure whether it will even come with the next model.

This is followed by the always-on display, which is why almost 16 percent of all respondents want to switch. Because of the faster A15 processor, on the other hand, only 2.4 percent of those surveyed want to switch.

"Sell Cell," asked more than 3,000 iPhone users for the results via an online survey between July 28 and August 6, 2021. Only Americans of legal age were allowed to participate. While the number of participants is quite large, which may indicate robust results, the survey suffers from a critical flaw. "Sell Cell" does not describe how the operator recruited its participants.

Since such surveys are published on the Sell-Cell website every couple of weeks, we suspect that the online retailer does not hire any external agencies or institutes, which is quite expensive but interviewed our own readers via newsletter or other channels.

If so, the Sell Cell survey on the iPhone 13 and every other survey on the website has a crucial design flaw: Due to the focus of the website, namely the repurchasing of used smartphones, the respondents are not representative of all iPhone Users, but already somewhat pre-filtered. Because if someone is already on the sell cell page and answers a few questions, they are basically already interested in a new device and want to sell their old one soon.

A high number of iPhone 13 prospects in the "Sell Cell" survey is not surprising. Roughly according to the motto: "Our online survey showed that 100 percent of all users have an Internet connection".

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