Do You Hate Corporations? Here's How to Bring Them to Their Knees!

Gerald Zezas

f you think it wrong that Jeff Bezos is a billionaire and Amazon didn't pay any taxes, but you still shop at Amazon, it's your fault that Jeff Bezos is a millionaire and Amazon didn't pay any taxes

If you think it wrong that Walmart pays low wages, but you still shop at Walmart, it's your fault that Walmart pays low wages.

If you think that professional athletes are overpaid but still pay exorbitant sums to go to games and for pay-per-view programming of games or cable sports packages, it's your fault that professional athletes are overpaid.

If you think that the "big banks" and "multinational corporations" are the cause of all our financial inequities, and you still patronize them, it's your fault that they are the cause of all of our financial inequality.

You see the pattern here, and before you call me reductive, simplistic, or an apologist for those with lots of money…

Before you complain about how convenient Amazon is, or that Walmart is right around the corner, or how much you love sports, consider how angry you get that Jeff Bezos gave "only" $100 million to help the homeless, or that this or that billionaire lives in multiple mansions while people starve, or that those with more than you keep accumulating even more while you don't.

While you're considering what those people do with their money, consider whether the last time you bought that 60 inch TV, if you could have bought one just a little smaller and given the balance to the homeless guy on the street. Consider, when choosing that new smartphone with the x-ray vision camera, whether you could have kept the one you bought last year and given the balance to the American Cancer Society. Consider the last cruise you went on, or the high-end car you purchased, or anything else that your life really doesn't require, and ask yourself who the fuck you are to tell someone how to spend their money just because they have more than you. And while you're at it, tell me how it feels to have me telling YOU how you should be spending your money.

And, finally, imagine if a law was passed that said you no longer had to pay taxes. Let me know how likely you'd be to pay those taxes anyway because it's only fair that you do.

Now, you can call me any name you like, but my political leanings are Lib Dem and always have been. Despite that, I'm smart enough to know who's at fault when people have advantages that I don't, especially when I'm the one contributing to and promulgating those advantages.

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