The 2022 Super Bowl Experience Was Incredible!

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I wasn’t planning on writing today. The goal was to read other people's opinions on the Super Bowl & The Halftime Show, but with the excitement, I still feel from yesterday, I needed to get this out of my system — because the 2022 Super bowl experience had me hyped!!!

A few friends messaging me about how they watched the halftime show again, only fuel my drive to write this. For the last nine years, I’ve made an effort to catch the NFL Super bowl (and sometimes the halftime show). Some super bowls were great, others not so good. But the hype always made me want to see what would happen on the field.

It’s the reason why I became a Bruno Mars fan. Yesterday's Superbowl game between the Los Angeles Rams & the Cincinnati Bengals was the best one I’ve seen so far! The Rams got off to a good start; scoring a touchdown in the first & second quarter of the game. It looked like the Rams were gonna run away with it until the Bengals scored a touchdown around the five-minute mark in the second quarter.

We had ourselves a game now! I’m not sure what pep talk Cincinnati got in the locker room? It must have been some speech; because their team TURN IT ON in the third quarter with a touchdown & then caused the Rams to struggle with their offensive game. It felt like the Bengals had complete control, until, somehow the Rams were able to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter at the one-minute mark to win the super bowl.

I wish this game had gone to overtime. It was too good to only last four quarters. Both teams played hard. Congratulations to the L.A Rams for winning the Superbowl.

But, as great as the Super bowl was, the halftime show was even BETTER. When I heard that Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, Kendrick Lamar & 50 Cent were performing this year, I thought ‘’Wow, that gonna be a great halftime show. But, I didn’t believe it was going to be that great! The halftime show was phenomenal.

Dr. Dre playing that legendary piano riff to him & Snoop Dogg’s song Still D.R.E was great to see. Snoop was just brilliant. Watching him rap with that coolness on the NFL stage had me in awe.

50 Cent looked like he should have been on the field playing football for the Rams or Bengals, but he gave a good performance also. Mary J. Blige was sublime with her voice & moves. Eminem was great as always, performing the philosophical song Lose Yourself.

For me, Kendrick Lamar and his dance crew stole the show, which is saying a lot because every performer KILLED it! The halftime show has been getting a lot of love (well deserved).

Even most of the super bowl commercials were great! It’s wild how many well-known people were in them. From Jim Carrey (as the Cable Guy again) to Lebron James.

It was an incredible night! Even if you’re not big on football, you would have been just for four hours. The entire super bowl experience was amazing! Can we get another Super bowl next week?

I almost forgot, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

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