Popeye's Chicken Blends In Really Well With Holiday Food

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A nice looking Thanksgiving DinnerJed Owen/Unsplash

It’s about that time for Thanksgiving food!

Christmas isn’t too far behind, which, means more holiday food.

I love this time of year! You can start to feel both Thanksgiving/Christmas in the air. A few days ago, I saw a lot of people shopping for Thanksgiving food at the HEB grocery store near where I live. It was a struggle to not get run over by several grocery carts, but, I made it out alive with my two Haagan Dazs butter pecan ice cream containers!

With how rough this year has been, it’s great to see some joy for the holidays. I personally already saw it with Halloween around my neighborhood and online. So, that was a good sign. I hope it continues.

I’ve been contemplating on whenever to put my Christmas tree up this year or not?

The tree is really tall and a challenge to bring inside from the outside closet on the patio. There’s still plenty of time for that though.

I haven’t done any food shopping yet. I may get on that this weekend. As long as I have my cranberry sauce, I’m good. Without it, the holiday meal is lost to me. Stuffing isn’t stuffing without cranberry sauce. Yep, the sauce is LIFE to me! It just flows really well with the entire meal.

However, Turkey and Ham can be replaced with other meat as I learned last year. ‘’With what Gerald?’’ Good question reader. With this!

Great chicken!Clarion Ledger

It’s wild, but Popeye’s chicken is an excellent substitute for Turkey & Ham in ways that are hard to believe! I have to hand it to my dad for this idea, if he had never mentioned it to me, I would have missed out on the greatest Christmas meal ever last year!

The chicken is so good with the holiday meal, that you can’t feel the absence of Turkey/Ham. The taste with the stuffing, mixed vegetables, yams, macaroni & cheese, and the rolls, will make you take a few minutes to process this greatness, and then take several more bites — until you finish your food.

I’m strongly considering doing it again either Thanksgiving or Christmas time. So, if you never had Popeye’s Chicken with the rest of the holiday food, you should give it a try. You might like it blending with the Thanksgiving/Christmas feast.

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