How to do Customer Service Right

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In this post will examine all the different aspects of doing customer service right.

Customer service makes a great impact at influencing both existing and potential customers. Did you know that over 70% of consumers would tell about a negative experience by posting it on social channels?

And half of the customers would switch to a new brand after a single bad experience.

At this stage, you need a marketing automation software to streamline communications with your customers.

One negative experience can quickly travel all over the world reaching thousands of new people.

There’s big value in delivering positive customer service especially for B2B markets.

93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies that offer great customer service.

The benefits of good customer service

The worst thing you can do to a customer is to ignore them when they try to contact you. Here are 3 benefits of customer service.

1. Increases loyalty and satisfaction

Happy customers are less than likely to stop doing business with you. If they’re loyal they will easily spend more. Using customer service to help them saves marketing costs and helps you get to profitability.

2. Improves word-of-mouth recommendations

Good customer service equals good marketing.

If a customer is unhappy they start telling friends or complaining on social media. This creates a negative perception of your brand. If someone is happy with your service they can influence your network to shop and buy from you.

3. Understand your customers better

Understand the problems customers are facing. What’s the feedback they are sharing and how you can improve the product or service.

Without customer service, you’re only guessing what would work. With customer service, you have all the answers from the customers themselves, especially when you hire well-trained customer service reps who understand your audience well.

There’s no shortage of customer service channels.

Most popular customer service channels

Great customer service happens on email, social, SMS, chat and phone.

But regardless of the channel your customers are on, they want and prefer the same kind of things.

High-quality support.

Which channels should you be active on?

Phone: Customers all love speaking to others, especially for urgent things. It’s nice to go digital, however, make sure a customer can reach the support person by phone.

Messaging apps: Another key communication channel is that Gen Z messaging apps are a great addition to handling customer service messages over a time period to manage ongoing conversations. Use tools like Zoom for conducting meetings with customers.

Social media: Your customers always use social media. They use the channel to express feelings so a direct mail to your support and engaging on social media needs you to be proactive.

Find existing conversations and engage with customers.

Email: After phone support another support channel is email. The great thing about email is it creates a digital record of back and forth for you and the customer. You can automate and route emails within the organization and improve response times.

Chat: Chat is a good option on the site. Live chat lets you communicate with customers in real-time. Live chat is used by sales reps for upselling and for marketing departments to generate new leads and do customer service for handling internal queries.

Contact forms: Businesses running company sites can create contact pages for customers to send iniquities. They can file grievances or ask questions.

To do customer service right:

Respond as quickly as possible

One big factor for good customer service is great response time when the client is requesting time-sensitive things.

A report showed that the average response time for top 100 companies was 17 hours. Today the response time is 12 hours.

It’s better to not leave the customer waiting.

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