Why Self-Worth Is More Valuable Than Net-Worth

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If you have a high net-worth that implies you are financially stable, strong even, and you might even have multiple cars, properties, and a stash of cash. That sounds great. But self-worth is how you think about yourself, whether you respect and love yourself.

If you are thinking logically, then your self-worth would grow with every respectful action you take. As a child, your self-worth would increase with every good grade. As an adult, persevering through rough patches and coming out stronger at the other end would fill you with self-worth. Helping someone in need, making a difference to someone’s day or even their life, completing a project despite feeling overwhelmed and in a time crunch.

Those are all examples of situations or events that help increase your self-worth. Those events happen all the time, you do them without even thinking about them. You are living your life, you encounter a hurdle, you experience an unpleasant time, you find a way to overcome the obstacle, and you come out on top. You should feel good about yourself.

Did you notice the common thread in all of the examples above? Not a single one of those events involved increasing your net-worth or making money at all. Yet, you still felt fantastic about yourself. You deserve to stop and pat yourself on the back.

Of course, those are the same types of situations and events that can tank your self-worth if they don’t go your way. Those tend to hit harder. Unfortunately, we build self-worth daily without realizing it and only sit up and take notice when it takes a plunge due to one bad day. It’s a delicate balance, which is one of the reasons why it’s so much more important than net-worth.

Self-worth could be described as feeling confident in yourself and your abilities. When you were faced with adversity you were humbled and in the face of that, you persevered to find solutions to the challenges you were faced with.

Some of those challenges required patience and persistence. Other challenges required involved problem-solving. Every situation, every event, every circumstance was different. Every time, there was something else for you to handle. At every turn, you were exposed to new things and situations and you had to find a new way to get through each of them.

Self-Worth Is Priceless

It is this that makes self-worth priceless.

It isn’t about being arrogant or full of yourself. It’s about being poised and brimming with confidence to handle whatever twists and turns life may throw your way.

Your self-worth isn’t rooted in external validation, it revolves around internal validation. You don’t need to worry about what everyone else thinks of you.

You don’t need to concern yourself with what others think of the work you do, words you write, songs you sing, or anything else you do.

You don’t need to seek attention from everyone else just to feel as though you’re worth something.

You are worth something.

You are someone.

A high sense of self-worth provides you with mental and emotional freedom and when you are at peace with yourself you will find it easier to stay on the right path. You don’t need to worry about where you’re going. You don’t need to worry about someone else’s life, self-worth, or net-worth. You can focus on living yours.

Now, it’s true that often a high net-worth is the result of high self-worth, that’s because both require patience, focus, and consistency. Confident people who possess a variety of positive traits and virtues tend to pave the path to success.

However, a lot of times people think it’s the opposite. A lot of people get trapped into believing that only their net-worth can drive their self-worth. That might work, at least for a time.

But what happens when someone goes through bankruptcy? Then what? Does that bankruptcy mean they lose their identity? Does that bankruptcy mean a total loss of self-worth? Does it mean going from love to loneliness?

Does it end with a profound depression? Of course, if you go through bankruptcy you will likely experience a sense of grieving, but it will be much more difficult if your self-worth is rooted in your net-worth.

Self-worth doesn’t give a hoot about your net-worth, your bank balance doesn’t matter. Self-worth is unconditional and you build it up over time as you develop your identity. If you’re a responsible, honest person who uses common sense and truth then you more than likely have a healthy sense of self-worth. When you allow your abilities to increase your confidence, rather than allowing your confidence to be driven by ego, you keep your humility in check.

Your self-worth shouldn’t be at the mercy of external forces. It shouldn’t be increased or decreased by what your friends think or what your family members say. It shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you, it should only matter what you think of yourself.

Ultimately, the only thing that really matters is what you think of yourself. So, do you do right by yourself? Do you do right by your family? Do you do right by your community? Do you tap into your potential and use your skills to the best of your abilities? Do you chase your curiosities? Are you constantly chasing your best self?

Improve Your Self-Worth

If you want to focus on your self-worth and forget about your net-worth, here are some helpful steps to get your journey started.

  • Live With Integrity. What do you think about when your head touches your pillow at night? Do you think about the regrets you have? The moments you could have handled better? You can’t get rid of all of those anxieties, but you can make a major dent in them by living a life of integrity. Live with character and sleep well every night.
  • Embrace Your Individuality. You are different from the rest of the world because no one has the same combination of experiences, abilities, and traits as you do. That makes you pretty special. You should remember that when you feel yourself struggling with self-worth. Be proud of yourself and get comfortable with who you are.
  • Live With Courage. Your self-worth is based on your lived experiences and it will only grow if you live courageously. Dig deep to find the mental strength you need to embrace new challenges. Don’t worry about others’ expectations but set your own expectations to shape your life.
  • Embrace Weakness. No one on this planet is a perfect person, we all possess our own weaknesses, and we all have our own struggles. The best way to find common ground and identify with others is by getting to know weaknesses. Embracing your weaknesses allows you to recognize when you need help and it’s a great reminder that we’re all only human.
  • Make The Most Of It. With every new day, you get new opportunities. Make the most of every single one. Don’t be afraid of new beginnings, of new people, new challenges, new surroundings. Embrace new chances at happiness and improving your self-worth. One opportunity used wisely can dramatically change your life, not to mention your self-worth.

Your self-worth is down to you and only you can increase it. Your pursuit in life should not be tied to material wealth, it shouldn’t be linked to your ability to acquire things. That might be nice for your net-worth, but it isn’t for your self-worth, and the latter trumps the former every day of the week.

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