10 Ideas for Making Use of Your Time in Quarantine

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Being quarantined is no fun, but it can be a blessing. You can be highly productive during your period of isolation if you make the most of your time. Most people complain about not having enough peace and quiet or enough time to get anything accomplished. Your wish has come true!

Make the most of your quarantine with these strategies:

1. Exercise. You don’t have to drive to and from work. That’s plenty of saved time for most people to get in a good workout! Get online with your TV and find a workout video to follow along. You can come back from quarantine being fitter, slimmer, and healthier.

Of course, if you’re actually sick, exercise might not be the best option during this time. Be sure to stay in contact with your doctor. Your health is always the first priority.

2. Update your resume. Most people stay at a job longer than necessary. Update your resume and see what else is out there for you professionally. Apply for a few jobs while you’re at it and see what happens.

3.Build one good habit. Most of us are only a few good habits away from a more enjoyable and productive life. What is one good habit you’d like to create that would have a big impact on your life?

4. Drop one bad habit. On the other hand, dropping a bad habit can give your life a big boost, too. If your bank account is empty, your house is always a mess, or your stomach looks full from 100 yards away, you likely have at least one bad habit. What is one habit you’d be willing to give up in order to enhance your life?

5.Build a website. Use your downtime to build a website. You might even use the website to boost your income. Start a blog, sell your services, or try your hand at affiliate marketing. A personal website can be a great addition to your life.

6.Reconnect with others. We’re often too busy to stay in touch with others. If you have some time on your hands, you can reach out to the people you’ve been neglecting. Catch up with some old friends, even if you must do it by phone or internet.

7. Deep clean your home. It’s about that time of year for spring cleaning. Put your time to good use by cleaning out the clutter and getting rid of all the dust and dirt. You’ll feel better when your house is cleaner than it’s been in months. It also feels good to put such a big task behind you.

8. Do your taxes. It’s tax time. Get them out of the way and relax. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting your taxes behind you.

9.Review your credit reports. Credit reports often contain errors that go unnoticed until you try to purchase a car or a home. Use this time to go over your credit reports with a fine-tooth comb and look for mistakes that could haunt you in the future.

10. Learn something useful. What do you wish you knew, but don’t? What would you like to be able to do, but can’t? Use your free time to enrich your knowledge or skills.

How are you going to use your time in quarantine? You could just sit around and stream movies, or you could accomplish something worthwhile instead. Make a decision right now regarding how you’re going to leverage this time that’s been made available to you. This time can be a gift if you take full advantage of it.

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