Global Sadness Is Rampant: How To Address Your's In Healthy Ways

George J. Ziogas


The current pandemic affecting much of the world is a unique situation in which we're all experiencing a sense of fellowship and togetherness. While this would normally be a wonderful thing, the context of this unity is nothing to celebrate.

Virtually everyone is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 coronavirus, whether dealing with the virus firsthand, having to watch loved ones go through this illness or trying to deal with the isolation and quarantine required by all. It should come as no surprise that a universal feeling of sadness has become the norm throughout society.

Feeling sad about such an unfortunate situation is completely acceptable, even expected. However, there are many different ways to manage this emotion. The purpose of this article is to briefly discuss several ways to address the sadness many individuals are currently feeling in a healthy way.

Support The Cause

Probably the best way to alleviate a sense of sadness brought about by the current health crisis is to actively support the cause. This can be done on a very simple and personal level or on a larger scale.

The first step in doing your part is by following the recommended precautions necessary to prevent contracting or spreading the coronavirus. Washing your hands regularly, staying home as much as possible and avoiding being around high-risk individuals are without a doubt effective ways to take action.

As we're all aware, there are many individuals that need help right now. Healthcare workers are putting themselves in harm's way every day, many without the proper protective equipment. Many children who depend on school being in session to get enough to eat are left without any viable means of food.

Thousands of employees and local businesses have been stripped of their normal income. Fortunately, there are already relief efforts in place to support all of these victims. Teaming up with this sort of coalition can be a great way to manage not only the sadness you feel personally, but also the affected population as a whole.

Vocalize Your Feelings

Sadness is an emotion that must be suppressed. Often times, we tend to hold our feelings in because we feel that others will not relate or that we might be a burden. However, the situation at hand is in the hearts and minds of everyone.

If you need to talk about how this pandemic is affecting you mentally, rest assured that there are plenty of people around you experiencing the same thing who are more than willing to discuss the issue. Avoid bottling up your negative emotions, as vocalizing them to someone else who may be scared to do the same can be therapeutic for all parties involved.

Gain Perspective From This Situation

Although it's never the right idea to capitalize on another’s suffering, this health crisis can serve as an incredible perspective shift. So many things that most of us took for granted every single day such as our health, socializing with friends and loved ones and even being able to freely participate in the things we enjoy now seem like quite the privilege.

While you may be experiencing a deep sense of sadness right now, imagine the happiness that will present itself at the end of the crisis. When the world is once again open for business, you will almost certainly have a newfound sense of appreciation and joy for the fortunate moments that each day brings.

It's important to look past your current feelings and realize that things are going to be okay and that, when they do, the little things will be much larger sources of happiness.

You can do this !

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