Handling Loneliness During Pandemic Stay-At-Home Orders

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We can’t go to see our friends or family. No one knows exactly how long that fact will last. Even if you aren’t alone in your home, you might need help handling loneliness during the pandemic stay-at-home orders. This is especially true for those of us who live alone, and according to statistics that number is in the millions. This can also be especially trying for those who typically enjoy a vibrant social life.

Loneliness is no joke. As humans, we are social animals. When we can’t interact with others, we become susceptible to mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Read on for a few ways to help you handle loneliness during this pandemic and remember that you're not alone, even if you feel that way.

Keep a Schedule

One way to go insane during the stay-at-home order is to have no schedule. You may not have a schedule on your weekends, which is when you're usually home, but that’s different. You're taking a break from schedules to recuperate when it’s the weekend.

Don’t be fooled into thinking quarantine is an extended weekend. Keep a schedule! Have a time you wake up, a time you go to bed, a time you work out, times where you eat, and times to have fun. Doing this will keep your mind challenged, safe from boredom, and at rest.

Don’t Stop Challenging Yourself

Find something to work on. It could be your exercise routine, mental health, skills at your job, or anything. Find something that challenges you and push yourself. Doing so will be integral to staying sane and pushing off feelings of loneliness during quarantine.

You might even be able to find online groups to help you in your challenge. If not, ask some friends to come along with you and give you updates via Skype or text. As humans we need challenges. If we don’t have them, life becomes incredibly stale. Stale is the last thing you need during this quarantine.

Start A Meaningful Project

You probably have things you’d like to do but never had time for. Now is the time to do those! So, make some time every day to practice guitar, learn to code, paint a picture, or whatever! Do the things you always wish you had time for. In the end you’ll come out of this with more than you went in with.

Reach Out!

We have the internet! Reach out to friends who are also feeling lonely and set up a time to play an online game together, do a zoom happy hour, or just chat. You're not alone. We're all feeling lonely, but thanks to our modern age we don't have to be cut off.

So, reach out! You may even be able to reconnect with old friends who have moved away. They’re sitting bored at home too and would love to hear from you. Make sure to schedule time with your friends even if you don’t feel lonely. You're a human and you need social contact.

Be Compassionate Toward Yourself

According to verywellmind.com, Instead of resisting your feelings, find ways to be accepting of them as coming and going. This helps to take away the power and ease your unhappiness.

It’s easy to be mad at yourself for feeling down again. Maybe you’ve followed everything on this list and several others, but you’re still feeling sad. That’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up for having this feeling. You should accept your feelings, whatever they may be. You have good reason to be sad and the feeling will pass soon.

Chin up, you can do this!

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