Living Through The Pandemic: We Will Get Through This

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With so much uncertainty around us daily, it’s good to hold onto something positive. We will get through this. We're all future survivors of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. We stayed home, we disinfected our groceries, we wore masks, and we watched a lot of TV.

If you’re having trouble grasping this message, read on. There are many real reasons to believe that we will get through this. More people will get sick, yes, but we will get through this. It’ll just take time and dedication. Here are a few ways this pandemic could end.

The Virus Could Naturally Trickle Off

Two main things could cause a natural trickle-off. Warmer temperatures and a lack of vulnerable hosts. Viruses related to the Coronavirus usually can’t stand higher temperatures, so they leave us alone for the summer. Think about it. People don’t get the flu in June.

Additionally, once the virus reaches enough people, many may become immune. Others will recover and become immune. When we, as a population, become resistant to this virus naturally, it will not be a problem anymore.

We’re Flattening The Curve

We were blindsided but stay at home orders combined with public concern and the hard work of health care specialists have turned the tide. We’ve gone to insane lengths to keep our hospitals from being overrun. Some states have done it better than others, as you can see at, but we are all improving as a nation and a world.

Flattening the curve basically means slowly the rate of infection. We've stopped at nothing to do this because our hospitals can only hold so many. On you can see the predicted shortages of hospital beds for your state as well as a graph showing when coronavirus cases will slow. These graphs show that there will be few or no cases by June, but restrictions are likely to loosen before that!

We Could Develop A Vaccine

May people think that a vaccine is the main thing we are looking for. A vaccine would be great, yes, but it takes a year or more to develop and it can only prevent future cases of a virus.

Finding a vaccine would massively slow the coronavirus infection rate, but it would not help those who already have it to recover. The coming heat might give us some time to get a good vaccine developed, however. The corona virus is not likely to be effective during the summer heat.

We Become Amazing at Treating the Virus

HIV is a very deadly virus that many people live with peacefully today. This is because we have found medicines to keep it in check. This could possibly happen in our fight against COVID-19. Doctors are studying the virus and trying many treatments to see what might help people recover. If we found the right methods, then the virus would not be a big deal and the pandemic would end.

Any Number of Things Could End It, To Be Honest

It’s hard to predict the future. That's both a great and terrible thing. It’s great in that sometimes things just work out. Biology is strange and may enable some people to be naturally immune to COVID-19. When scientists find them, they can study them and learn how to better fight the virus. The virus could also leave us during the summer and never come back.

The future is uncertain, yes, but that can sometimes be a good thing. One thing, though, is definitely certain. We will get through this.

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