5 Marketing Morals Meghan Markle Can Teach You About Branding

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When Meghan Markle married Prince Harry and became the Duchess of Sussex, the world watched in amazement as a fairy tale played out before their eyes. An American commoner married into the British Royal Family, forming a bond of goodwill between the United States of America and Britain.

While Ms. Markle's marriage to Prince Harry is the stuff dreams are made of, her marriage also offered a number of powerful lessons brand marketers should consider. Meghan Markle's approach to wedding planning stands as a firm testament to reputation development, branding, and knowing your target audience.

Consider the following five marketing morals Meghan Markle followed and you just might learn a lesson or two your company can use to grow your brand.

Don't Give In to Peer Pressure

Just as Ms. Markle didn't give in to the peer pressure of the Royal Family to plan a wedding according to their standards, so too should marketers not give in to marketing strategies just because everyone else is using them. Brand builders need to be willing to do what's right for their brand, not follow the herd and market in the same way as everyone else. When you're willing to take a fresh approach to brand development and create your own pathway to profits, your marketing is likely to be fresh and exciting, just as Ms. Markle's appearance on her wedding day to Prince Harry.

Don't Be Afraid to Go Traditional

Meghan Markle wasn't afraid to go traditional on her royal wedding day. Her wedding gown was classic and the tiara on her veil was laden with memories of the past. Brand builders could learn a marketing lesson from Ms. Markle and understand that every marketing initiative doesn't have to be modern or high-tech. Sometimes marketing methods of the past can be incredibly productive, including outreach methods like direct mail postcards or vehicle advertisements. Don't be afraid to go traditional in your approach to brand building; the results just might surprise you.

Show Off Your Social Responsibility Side

Meghan Markle's affinity for social causes is well known. From gender equality issues to helping those less fortunate, she's not afraid to show her social responsibility side to the world. Brand marketers could learn an important lesson from her and openly show their affinity for social causes to consumers. Publicly sharing the causes your company believes in gives your brand personality and helps you build a reputation as business consumers can be proud to support.

Build Authentic Relationships

Ms. Markle isn't afraid to build an authentic relationship with those around her. The guests at her wedding to Prince Harry were a shining example of the depth of her friendships. From tennis star Serena Williams and her husband Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit) to the Mulroney family from Canada who helped keep her budding relationship with Prince Harry a secret, her friendships are authentic and deeply felt. Businesses willing to develop lasting relationships with consumers are much likelier to have loyal customers who will gladly be brand ambassadors sharing their fondness for their favorite brand.

Don't Play Favorites

Rather than play favorites and choose a friend to be her Maid of Honor, Meghan Markle chose to have small children accompany her down the aisle to marry Prince Harry. Brand builders could learn a vital lesson from Ms. Markle and not play favorites when it comes to giving new customers promotional deals not available to existing customers or featuring specific customers in their advertising. While it might be tempting to spotlight one of your customers in your advertising, consider how your other customers will feel when they're left out of your marketing campaigns. Make an effort to not play favorites when developing your marketing initiatives to ensure you're not upsetting other loyal customers in the process.

Sum Up

Learn these five marketing lessons from Ms. Markle and you'll be well on your way to royal results in brand development. You needn't be royalty to be smart in your approach to brand building; you just need to be thoughtful and consider the ramifications of your actions.

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