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Get the Covid Vaccine Sooner by Volunteering at a Vaccination Site. Healthy people are due to get the vaccine in May.

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Get the vaccine faster.

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With the announcement that people with comorbidities are next in line for the Covid vaccine, you may be wondering when you are going to get the vaccine. Vaccinating people with comorbidities is going to take a long time: It's estimated that 33% of the population fits that category. Given that it has taken two months to get the first doses to about 20% of the people in California it could be May before healthy people get their first vaccine.

Here are two ways to get the vaccine faster:

Get leftover vaccine at vaccination sites

Here are a few pharmacies in the San Francisco area which may have leftover vaccines:

I suggest that you contact the pharmacy first and ask them what they do with leftover vaccines. At one CVS they had a 20-page waiting list!

Volunteer at a vaccination site

Volunteers at vaccination sites typically get the vaccine, either before their first shift or after a few shifts. Here is the government site where you can sign up.

This government site tells you to fill out this form. The form is long but not that complicated. Let’s walk through it.

  • Name and address: This is the easy part!
  • Contact phone: Make sure to leave your best number. The faster you respond, the better your chances.
  • Emergency contact: This is critical. They will not accept a volunteer without emergency contact information.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Check as many as you can to increase your chances of being selected. You do not need to be a medical professional to volunteer.
  • Availability: Enter as much availability as possible. Be sure to say that your availability is for at least four weeks.
  • Languages: Enter any languages that you speak. Spanish and Cantonese are particularly helpful.

There you have it! The two best ways to get the vaccine early.

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