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San Francisco Gaming News: Shock's ta1yo Featured On Cover of GQ Japan

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Photo from GQ Japan

How did you miss that the San Francisco Shock is crushing the Overwatch League AND fashion?

Sean Taiyo "ta1yo" Henderson, a 20-year-old DPS (damage per second) specialist, took a break from first-place finishes on the Overwatch League stage to be the first Overwatch League player to get a GQ Japan cover.

GQ's interview with ta1yo reveals that the gamer started playing in high school. He was so dedicated he skipped school so that he could play Overwatch on his PC. By the team he was in high school he was already a stone cold Overwatch player.

He quickly rose to the top of the leaderboards. He loved the FPS mechanics as well as how important it was to work together. It was more about winning as a team rather than showing off his individual skills.

While modest when it comes to his gaming prowess, ta1yo had no problem showing off with his solo fashion spread in GQ Japan. This was definitely a chance for ta1yo to shine.

In the GQ interview, he noted that eSports pros have a shorter career than traditional athletes. There are exceptions of course, but many top players seem to retire by 30. It could be exhaustion and stress, but ta1yo said he won't stop until he's truly tired of it — and currently he isn't close to that point.

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