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Poop litters the streets of San Francisco. Here's a Poop Map that shows why.

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Poop is fun to pick up in San Francisco.

Photo from WIBC

Poop is a serious problem in San Francisco. There's less poop since Covid started but there's still more feces on the streets than there should be.

Here's a brief rundown of why San Francisco has poop.

Lot's of Poop in San Francisco

San Francisco is a big city but it's not one of the ten biggest cities in the United States. It's also a very rich city with the cost of the average home well over one million dollars.

So we are not too big to keep clean and we have the money to do so.

And yet we are full of poop as the infamous Poop Map of San Francisco shows:

Screenshot from Jenn Wong

The Head of Sanitation is a Fraud

After countless investigative reporters failed to get to the bottom of the problem, federal agents and the FBI discovered that Mohammed Nuru, the head of San Francisco's public works department, was corrupt. He had been handing out contracts to friends.

The result was that higher income areas of San Francisco were clean while lower income areas were not.

The Mayor Borrowed Money from the Fraud

After Nuru was arrested, Mayor of San Francisco London Breed disclosed that she had dated Mohammed Nuru and that Nuru had recently paid $5,600 to cover the costs of a car repair and car rental. While she planned to repay Nuru, she had not done so. Breed was severely criticized by political opponents for what they said was an ethical lapse that may have violated city rules.

San Francisco responded by replacing Nuru. Ballot measures that were passed in 2020 aim at shoring up San Francisco's ability to clean the streets.

Stay Away from the Poop When You Come to San Francisco

Despite these improvements, there is still a lot of poop in San Francisco, particularly in the Mission area.

Your chiropractor's advice to keep your spine straight and your head erect is difficult to follow because you constantly have to look at the ground!

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