Why Natural 'Smart Pills' are Growing in Popularity

Genius Turner

Since the dawn of civilization, humans have searched for ways to improve the brain.(Vic_B/pixabay)

The booming brain-health-supplements industry reflects a shift toward alternative medicine

Wise indeed was whoever first said — show me a problem, and I'll show you a business. And perhaps there's no greater problem known to the mind than, well, the very instrument responsible for the mind. The human brain.

From depression to fatigue, the human brain is the star of the show. For this reason, it's no wonder brain-health supplements are seemingly the wave of the future.

According to allied market research, the brain-health supplements market is expected to reach a whopping "$19.73 billion by 2030:" As for why such is the case, the answer is simple: Millennials favor healthier alternatives to traditional medicine. If possible ...

According to a recent study done by the National Library of Medicine, nootropics ("smart pills") are supplements that boost the brain's performance. And because "the only thing about a man that is a man . . . is his mind," as MacLeish noted; "everything else you can find in a pig or a horse,” supplements that increase memory, attention, and motivation are more popular than ever.

Difference Between 'Brain Supplements' & 'Smart Drugs'

Judging by the multi-billion-dollar industry: "smart pills" are popular. And I mean really popular. Ah, but as college professors around the globe have been stressing for years — there's a difference between natural brain supplements and "smart drugs."

Adderall, Provigil, etc., all fall under the category of "smart drugs" and require a doctor's prescription. Perhaps this explains why in recent years, with the explosion of the smart-pills market, two camps have emerged.

For those of us who prefer the all-natural approach, such as nutritional supplements and herbal products, these fall outside the scope of pharmaceutical drugs. Here lies the main difference between brain supplements and smart drugs, though both qualify as "smart pills."

Natural 'Brain Pill' Recommendations

I personally take "The Genius Pill" daily, before starting a writing session.The author.

With countless health-brain supplements on the market, most newbies feel overwhelmed by the selection. From Phosphatidylserine (a molecule that improves memory) to Huperzine-A (could slow decline associated with Alzheimer’s), narrowing down the search is like surfing Netflix for a comedy.

For the above reasons, veterans of smart pills use a system called Stacking.

"Stacking" is like watching a reel of the 20 funniest-comedy scenes instead of restricting one's viewing pleasure to one movie. But because buying brain supplements individually adds up quickly, most prefer to purchase "all-in-one" smart pills.

My personal favorites are The Genius Pill and Qualia Mind. Focus Factor comes in at a close third.

(*The Genius Pill, Qualia Mind and Focus Factor consist entirely of dietary supplements, all of which are regulated as food, not drugs, by the FDA.)

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