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How a Houston Artist Turned Trash Paper into Masterpieces

Genius Turner

Aaron Lundy-Bey's artwork has become legendary in Houston.By the author.

A local artist shows why 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'

Houston, TX — Recently, upon visiting my hometown, I stopped by Aaron's Beauty Salon. Brother Aaron greeted me with a hug and a smile. But before we could play catch up, I asked the million-dollar question: "Where's your latest masterpiece?"

Ah, just as Clark Kent steps inside a phone booth and transforms into Superman, Brother Aaron steps inside his hair salon booth and transforms into "Third Ward's Picasso."

Like Mark Bradford, Brother Aaron is a hairstylist by trade yet an artist by gift. Around 3rd Ward, his artistry has become the stuff of legend. After all, he transforms recycled trash paper into papier-mâché masterpieces.

When Sir Curtis first laid eyes on a life-like mask of King Tut, he couldn't help but heap praise on 3rd Ward's Picasso.

"I have a new level of respect for the true artist's imagination," Sir Curtis said. "His work touches people."

Brother Aaron's work has been known to "touch" viewers.From the author.

Because "life imitates art far more than art imitates life," perhaps the true magic of Brother Aaron's gift lies in symbolism. After all, turning trash into treasure in one of Houston's poorest neighborhoods serves as a metaphor for faith ... for life ... for love ...

... As for "love," the late George Floyd loved bringing his girlfriend to Brother Aaron's salon. The artist's true gift, after all, consists of making others feel what he feels. And Brother Aaron's feel-good story of transforming trash into treasure, for decades now, has left Third Ward's community feeling good too.

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