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If 'Eating Fish' is the Biggest Issue Adams Faces as Mayor, He'll Take It

Genius Turner
Mayor Adams is known as "New York City's first vegan mayor."(Krystalb97/Flickr)

Adams, who acknowledged he occasionally eats fish, told the “food police” to back off

New York City — "Ya know, you can't please all the people all the time . . ." Hedberg joked, "and last night — all those people were at my show!"

More people live in NYC than in any other city. And so, quite naturally, there's no way a mayor can expect to please every New Yorker. Perhaps this explains why it's long been said, "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere."

Apparently the rule of thumb extends a hand to the mayor's office.

"FishGate" tops the latest headlines, now dominating NYC's news cycle. On Monday, the media hounded the mayor with questions about . . . education? Nope.

What about questions concerning healthcare or, better yet, sanitation? Nope.

What about, ahem, fish? Bingo! Ah, somewhere A-Rod is chuckling to himself. After all, he once likened playing for the Yankees to "playing in a fish bowl."

“Those who have questions on what I am eating, I’m over 18 and I know how to take care of myself,” Adams said.

By the day's end, the mayor found himself being trailed by reporters into restaurants. Adams eventually felt compelled to put an end to the fiasco, hoping to set the record straight:

“I want to be a role model for people who are following or aspire to follow a plant-based diet, but, as I said, I am perfectly imperfect, and have occasionally eaten fish.”

Perhaps Mayor Adams, a Christian, can take a page out of my old pal's playbook.

Larry and his wife are devout Christians. Once over dinner, Larry's wife mentioned "though he claims he's a vegetarian, he's eating fish right now."

Larry sighed. "Hun," he said, "if fish was good enough for Jesus to eat, well, it's good enough for me to eat too!"

In short, if "Fish-Gate" is the biggest issue Adams faces as mayor, something tells me — he'll take it.

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