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New York City Hopes to Get 100% Clean Energy by 2040

Genius Turner
Within the next two decades, city officials hope to supply 100 percent clean power to the City That Never Sleeps.(Clean Energy Resource Teams/Flickr)

Despite the success of clean power in upstate New York, NYC primarily relies on power from fossil fuels

New York City — Years ago when President Obama was asked about clean energy, he kept the answer simple. "The more we're using clean energy," he said, "the less environmentally problematic facilities end up being a problem for everybody."

In other words, the best cure is always spelled prevention.

When New York publicly announced plans to move away from using fossil fuels, believed to be baking our planet, in exchange for building wind and solar farms for power — environmentalists were thrilled. 

Ah, but there seems to be a slight problem.

According to a NY Times report:

New York effectively has two separate electrical grids: upstate, where most of the state’s growing clean-power supply is generated, and in and around New York City, the area that consumes the most energy and relies most heavily on power from fossil fuels.

In simplest terms, due to what's being called "a traffic jam of electrons," the power lines can't carry power to the very area that needs it most. New York City.
New York City consumes more fossil fuels in its residential and commercial buildings than any other city in the nation.(GPA Photo Archive/Flickr)

During Climate Week, Gov. Kathy Hochul announced two major transmission-line projects to help bridge the gap with major green energy projects. The plan is to generate wind, solar and hydropower projects — from upstate New York and Canada — to power New York City.

"New York's communities are repeatedly facing serious consequences as a result of the devastation caused by the global climate crisis," Gov. Hochul said. "[. . .] These transformative projects are a win-win — delivering thousands of new good-paying jobs throughout the state and attracting billions of dollars in private investment."

In short, with New York now on the clock to more than double the share of the electricity used from wind, sun and water, by 2030, perhaps New York City's being 100 percent clean energy by 2040 isn't such a pipe dream after all.

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