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Despite Fears of New COVID Variant, Mayor-elect Adams Traveled to Ghana for Prayer

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Because "faith" is unseen yet felt, Mayor-elect Adams has faith a spiritual journey to Africa is the best way to start his mayoral tenure.(VINnews/Wikimedia Commons)

Despite fears, Adams has embarked on a spiritual journey to pray

New York City — When the stresses of fame and fortune became unbearable, Dave Chappelle shocked the world. He walked away from millions and fled to Africa. Perhaps a peace of mind is better than a piece of gold.

"I wish I can flap wings and fly away," Nas once rapped, "to where Black kings in Ghana stay." Indeed, for many an African-American, the Mother Land carries a certain mystique.

Perhaps the above explains why New York City's next mayor said the following:

My ancestors came over here in the bottom of slave ships. And 400 years later, I’m the mayor of one of the most important cities in New York. I’m going there to pray. I’m going there to do some spiritual cleansing that’s there. The people of Ghana, just like Obama when he ran for president, they’re waiting for me to go.

Critics, however, have been quick to note: due to the Omicron variant, first detected in South Africa, the Biden administration on Monday began imposing bans on travel from eight counties in southern Africa.

Such banning highlights growing concern that Adams may be at a risk.

The ban, however, applies to neither U.S. citizens nor Ghana, which isn't on the list. There nevertheless remain lingering concerns as Adams will be in Ghana until December 8.

On Monday, Mayor de Blasio came to Adams' defense — going so far as to call the trip "absolutely makes sense." De Blasio added: "This is very emotionally and personally important to him - as he said, spiritual, really."

In short, as Adams left an event prior to traveling abroad, someone asked him if he had any fears. “I’m not afraid of anything," Adams said while flashing a reassuring smile. "I’m an ex-cop. I’m ready to lead my city.”

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