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Mayor-Elect Adams Calls NYC So "Boring Now"

Genius Turner
The next Mayor suggests he dozes off whenever trying to have fun in The City That Never Sleeps.(Krystalb97/Wikimedia Commons)

Along with offering late-night host Colbert unique gifts, Adams complained NYC has become boring

New York City — Some call NYC "too expensive." Others prefer "overcrowded." But "boring" is one adjective I never thought I'd hear attributed to The City That Never Sleeps.

"This is a city of nightlife — I must test the product," Adams told host Stephen Colbert, in his first late-night appearance. Apparently the Mayor-elect had stopped by three New York nightclubs to celebrate his Nov. 2 victory, to "test the product."

"We used to be the coolest place on the globe," Adams said. "We're so damn boring now. We have to be among the people enjoying life."

Despite occasionally enjoying the nightlife, Adams was quick to note he still wakes up at 5 am each morning because "if you're going to hang with the boys at night, you have to get up with the men in the morning."

Adams then set Twitter-verse on fire when he offered Colbert a fake bag of weed and rolling papers. "As you know, marijuana is legal," Adams playfully reminded Colbert.

Adams spokesman Evan Thies was quick to note, as reported by The New York Post, that the bag didn't actually contain cannabis, although "marijuana is legal and Eric supports its safe personal use."

Of course, given that nightclubs such as Avenue stay open to 4 am, and occasionally stay open until Adams "wakes up at 5 am," the Mayor-elect clearly had his tongue-in-cheek when calling The City That Never Sleeps boring.

After all, if the Mayor-elect considers NYC "boring," then surely most other parts of the nation range from being either "super boring" or "super-duper boring."

“He’s like funny, funny — not like politician funny,” an audience member said in response to Adams's first-ever late-night appearance.

In short, the Mayor-elect merely honored the golden rule of show business: "Always leave them laughing."

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