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Mets' President says New York City is an Obstacle in Team's GM Search

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Being a GM in The City That Never Sleeps means the media and fans also never sleep.( U.S. National Archives/Nara.getarchive)

For some GMs, overseeing a team in the nation's largest market sounds off-putting

New York City — Years ago when LeBron James was considered "the biggest free agent in sports history," the NY Knicks were in the running. After James signed with the Heat, according to insiders, the sole reason he turned down playing in the Big Apple was this:

James, who'd been a basketball star since high school, didn't want the added spotlight that comes with playing in New York City.

Now, if LeBron winces at the thought of being hounded by NYC's media and frenzied sports fans, how do you suppose most unassuming baseball GMs would feel about such prospects?

"I think it's mostly about New York, and not about, you know, Steve or the organization or what have you," said Mets president, Sandy Alderson. "It's a big stage and some people would just prefer to be elsewhere."

Mets owner, Steve Cohen, suggests the biggest obstacle in the search for a general manager boils down to this: most qualified GMs, who can earn the same pay in smaller and quieter markets, would prefer to avoid NYC's intense scrutiny.

Oh, and one more "obstacle" to hiring a new GM. The New York Yankees.

Try sharing a city with the most successful franchise in baseball history. How's that for pressure?
The Yankees have won more than twice as many games as any other team in baseball history.(Kevin Harber/Flickr)

In short, with the nation's most intense sports media and frenzied fans closely watching, not to mention the mighty Yankees serving as the measuring stick, no wonder the Mets' president admitted New York City has been an obstacle in the team's GM search.

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