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10 Weird Laws in Louisville

Genius Turner

Not only is Louisville the "Derby City" but it's also the city with some of the weirdest laws.(Dominik Vanyi/Unsplash)

Louisville, KY — Like many sports fans, I've always wanted to visit Muhammad Ali's hometown. Before visiting any new city, however, I usually familiarize myself with its basic laws.

In Louisville, it's illegal to fish with a bow and arrow. This law left me scratching my head. After all, the instant you pulled out a bow and arrow, wouldn't your laughing-out-loud friends scare the fish away?

And so, with that being said, here are ten weird laws in Louisville.

1. It's illegal to throw a flower at a public speaker.

After Tony Robbins gave a speech, the crowd gave him a standing ovation. One lady even threw a rose on stage.

A security guard rushed to her seat. "Ma'am, it's illegal to throw a flower at a public speaker!"

She covered her eyes. "So, so sorry. I thought the law prohibited throwing flour at a speaker, for fear it would make them feel like fried chicken."

2. Dyeing chicks, ducklings, or baby bunnies the color blue is illegal.
And let me guess, the guy responsible for this law is named Mr. Red?
3. Whoever's been drinking is deemed "sober" until they can't hold onto the ground.
(Knocking on the dorm room door.) "Hi, Coach. Is there a problem?"
"It's against team rules to get drunk." Coach shakes his head. "Now step aside, and let me test how well you can bearhug the sidewalk."
Nope! She's clearly not "sober."(TheeErin/Flickr)

4. It's illegal to force a person into a store in order to make a sale.

"Hi, sir," an innocent old lady says to a giant man at Mall St. Matthews food court. "Would you like to sample—"
"Ma'am, enough with the bullying already!" the giant yells. "It's illegal to force me into your store."

5. It's against the law to handle a snake in church.

Some guy seated in the pews glances at the sign. "Oh, handling snakes are illegal, huh?" he mumbles while abruptly kicking off his snake-skin boots. "That should solve any potential handling issues."

6. Every citizen is required to shower at least once a day.
"But what if I only like taking baths?" someone asks.
"No problem," a lawmaker replies. "Take as many baths as you like . . . after you've showered."
7. It's illegal to marry the same man four times.

"Okay, Doug," the bride says. "This third jump across the broom better work out. If not, we'll have to date till death do us part."

As for marrying the same person in Louisville, the umpire says: "Three strikes and you're out!"(familytreasures/flickr)

8. It's illegal to toss your bucket of soapsuds onto the public street.

But feel free to drench the sidewalks with soap bubbles.

9. It's illegal to walk around with an ice cream cone in your pocket.
Unless, of course, your pocket is shaped like a cone.
10. It's against the law to release a wild hog back into the wild.
And while at it, lawmakers might as well add: it's against the law to serve hot dogs while the bun is still hot.

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