NYC's Mayor-elect Says "Not Going to Change" Mandate for Kyrie Irving

Genius Turner
Nets fans were hoping the mayor-elect, Eric Adams, would help bring back Brooklyn's star guard.(Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York/Wikimedia Commons)

Not even a Brooklynite set to serve as NYC's next mayor can bring a speedy resolution to the Kyrie Irving drama

Brooklyn, NY — "I'm like a Brooklyn dude straight out of Brownsville," Jay-Z once rapped. Indeed, Brownsville birthed the likes of heavyweight champions Mike Tyson, Riddick Bowe and Shannon Briggs.

Eric Adams — the latest champion — is indeed "a Brooklyn dude straight out of Brownsville."

With Adams being "the people's champ," no wonder Nets fans were optimistic he'd help fix Brooklyn's on-court issue by solving the off-court problem. The Kyrie Irving drama. But Adams, the former Brooklyn Borough President, has other plans.

“New York City’s not going to change their rule,” Mayor-elect Adams told Wolf Blitzer on CNN. But before Nets fans could gripe, Adams justified his stance:

And again, it’s up to the NBA and Kyrie to come to a full understanding on how to keep him on the Nets and continue to look after all our athletes that are coming here.

Indeed, as Adams suggests, it was the Nets' front office, not the office of the mayor, that told Irving he won't be allowed to play half the games. The Nets, not the Mayor, banned their own star player.

With head coach Steve Nash recently saying the Nets would "welcome [Irving] back for sure," if the mandate rule were relaxed a bit, perhaps Adams merely wanted to set the record straight. Perhaps Adams merely wanted to remind Brooklyn the onus falls on the Nets, ultimately, not him.

Perhaps Nets officials now realize "something is better than nothing." After all, to Nets fans: having the most talented guard in the NBA play 50 percent of the games sounds a heck of a lot better than hearing "Kyrie Irving is banned for the season."

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