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A 10-Foot Wide Boston Home Sells for Over a Million Dollars

Genius Turner
A 'skinny house' selling for over a million bucks reflects how hot Boston's housing market truly is.(John Stephen Dwyer/Wikimedia Commons)

When a 10-foot wide house sells for $1.25 million, this means the housing market is scorching hot

Boston, MA — There's an old real estate slogan that goes: "the house is worth whatever the buyer is willing to pay."

The real estate agency calls this home, which is only a foot or two wider than the wingspan of former Celtic player Tacko Fall, "The Skinny House."

Given that the house only spans 10-feet wide and offers fewer than 1,200 square feet, perhaps one of the reasons the hefty price tag leaves some scratching their heads is it defies logic. Or to be more exact, buying such a small home for such a big price runs contrary to Will Roger's golden rule of investment:

Buy land! They ain't making any more of the stuff.

According to real estate agency CL Properties, The Skinny House “received multiple offers and went under agreement for over list price in less than one week."

"Over a million," someone tweeted, "that's way too much."

Well, attempting to appraise this two-bedroom, one-bathroom home is where things get a bit hazy. After all, value — like beauty — lies in the eye of the beholder. In particular, when considering The Skinny House bears a plaque that refers to its other moniker, 'The Spite House," appraisal becomes even more difficult.

According to legend, two brothers inherited some land.

When one brother joined the Army, the other built a huge house, gobbling up most of the land. And so, when the soldier brother returned, he had an idea: Why not build "The Skinny House" to block his brother's view and sunlight?

In short, the legend of The Skinny House was born. And today, you can add another moniker to it — "The Million Dollar House."

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