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Here's Why So Many New Yorkers are Moving to Philadelphia

Genius Turner
Apparently, New Yorkers have a newfound appreciation for the City of Brotherly Love.(Parks & Trails New York/Flickr)

With Philly being so close to NYC and having cheaper housing, 'New Yorkers are definitely coming here in droves'

New York City — In May, college grad Via Hendrix's TikTok tour of her new apartment in New York City went viral. Most people around the country were stunned to see Hendrix's $1,345-a-month apartment. After all, her micro-studio is only 72 square feet.

No wonder NBC10 recently reported:

People are moving out of New York and into the Philadelphia suburbs, drawn by more space and cheaper prices amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Unlike most parts of the nation, such as Texas in which traveling from Houston to Dallas calls for a 4-hour road trip, not so in the Thirteen American Colonies.

Heck, New Yorkers love to joke how traveling to Philly on the Acela is faster than a subway ride from the Bronx to Brooklyn.

Once it became apparent to Arwa Mahdawi a baby was on the way, the New Yorker decided: "My wife and I can’t afford to stay in New York." And so, they figured — why not go "house hunting" in the neighboring major city?

"[Philly] is close to New York," said Mahdawi, "with much cheaper housing, and it has world-class museums." Ahem, and if I may add: the Sixers are far better than the Knicks and the Eagles can probably beat the Giants and Jets combined.

Ah, but as I'm sure you know: one person's loss is another person's gain.

When Mahdawi cheerfully told a Philadelphian waitress about plans to relocate to the City of Brotherly Love, she seemed less than enthused. After all, New Yorkers fleeing to Philly is driving up housing prices. According to the waitress, who's almost 60, her rent has skyrocketed.

In short, most Philadelphians hope — in years to come — their city won't be the focal point of some college grad's TikTok post about her $1,345-a-month, 72-square-foot apartment in Philly.

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