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Why an Upcoming Book’s Claim the Best Pizza City is Portland, not NYC, is Laughable

Genius Turner
New York City is home to the most pizzerias in America.(Donald Trung Quoc Don/Wikimedia Commons)

According to the Modernist Pizza authors, Portland has better pizza than New York City

New York City — “There were a couple of things I needed to do while I was in New York,” Ed Sheeran said. “One was to have a pizza pie, one was to get a tattoo . . . and the other was to get a Yankees’ hat.” 

Indeed, when most tourists first visit the City That Never Sleeps, usually topping the bucket list is grabbing a slice of NYC's world-famous pizza. After all, New York City has the most pizzerias and “pizza spots” in the nation . . . by far.

Pizza is as deeply ingrained in NYC’s culture as is the deep-dish in Chicago-style pizza. Perhaps this explains why when the authors of Modernist Pizza, Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya, crowned Portland the “Best Pizza City,” the Bloomberg article noted: “It’s not news that New Yorkers will want to hear.”

When I shared the above news of a “New Pizza King” with a buddy of mine, a native New Yorker, he raised an eyebrow. After a round of sighing, he asked: “Ahem, and what’s the names of the guys that rated the pizza nationwide?”

“Ah, Nathan and Francisco,” I said. 

My pal nodded. “Okay, if you ever bump into ol’ Nathan or Francisco, tell them I said — 'I’m not buying the ranking with their money!' ” 

Ah, spoken like a true New Yorker! After all, to say Portland has better pizza than New York City would be like saying Ohio has better potatoes than Idaho.
Just as Idaho's conditions create the perfect environment for growing potatoes, NYC is ideal for pizza. New Yorkers love pizza, after all.(Bruce Mars/StockSnap)

From L’Industrie Pizzeria in Brooklyn to Kesté in Manhattan, when it comes to pizza — New York City is king! Not to mention, if you’re on a budget, the Famous Famiglia Pizza always hits the spot.

Perhaps the star attraction of the "Pizza Mecca" is this:

Students and artists around the city love the famed "Friday Night Special": a subway ride back and forth, a free date for three hours at the world’s most famous museum (MoMA) and two warm slices of dollar pizza — all for under $10. 

In short, when Myhrvold says, “To us, it means there are multiple choices of great pizzerias, ideally in different styles,” he’s overlooked the fact pizza joints are every bit a part of New York City’s fabric as the subway systems. And unless the authors of the upcoming book, Modernist Pizza, are willing to suggest Portland has a superior subway system too, ahem, I’ll have to side with my buddy on this one: 

I’m not buying the ranking with their money!

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New York City, NY

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